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Best Brown Fused Alumina Micropowder Price Brazil

Not only can we perceive the motion of the chain segment(brown fused alumina), but also It can be recovered that the hyperelastic deformation generated by the movement of the chain segment is irreversible deformation, and the entire chain movement-the flow is made with the flow of the low-molecular liquid. After the external force is removed, the deformation no longer recovers(black silicon carbide). This mechanical property is called high elasticity or rubber elasticity.

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As the knotted degree increases, the proportion of the non-product part becomes smaller and smaller, making the non-product The deformability of the crystalline case compound material in the highly elastic state of the product is reduced(brown aluminum oxide). If the molecular weight is large enough, the flow temperature of the non-product polymer T; Will be away from the melting point of the product(aluminum oxide abrasive). Further increase in temperature above T will cause viscous flow.

For linear amorphous compounds, the increase in molecular weight mainly leads to the increase in the loosening time of the whole chain movement, which is manifested by the widening of the highly elastic region and the increase of the flow temperature(brown aluminium oxide). When the temperature rises above T, the relaxation time of the entire molecular chain motion is shortened to the same order as the experimental observation time(aluminum oxide grit). This is the orientation.

After the degree of product is greater than the characteristic boundary value (~ 40%) of the lattice deformation curve of various polymers, the micro-body is connected by this, and the stress is mainly borne by the crystalline phase(white alumina). There is no inevitable relationship between the melting point of the polymer and its flow temperature(synthetic corundum). Whether the viscous flow state occurs after the melted product is related to the molecular weight of the polymer.

The knotted part changes from a glass state to a highly elastic state, and the sample becomes a soft leather with large deformability(black corundum). At this time, the deformation of the material is very small, and it will be difficult to macro The glass transition of the non-product is observed, so its temperature deformation curve does not change significantly before the melting point(emery abrasive). From the overall point of view, it has the characteristics of solid.

Materials higher than T are detrimental to the molding process(pink corundum). If the molecular weight is not too high, the flow temperature of the compound in the non-product state is less than the melting point T of the final product. Then the sample is in a viscous flow state after the final product is melted. In this case, the temperature rises to T(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). But the energy of thermal movement is not enough to stimulate the movement of the entire molecular chain.

The knot product melts, but the thermal motion energy still cannot overcome the physical entanglement between the molecular chains, the molecular chain motion cannot occur, and the material is highly elastic(silicon carbide abrasive). From the perspective of convenient processing, on the premise of satisfying the mechanical properties of the material, the molecular weight of the crystalline polymer is usually appropriately lowered to make it lower than T(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive).

The macroscopic performance of the polymer transition and relaxation process is multi-faceted(green silicon carbide). In addition to the deformation of the material, many properties such as volume, modulus, stress, dynamic mechanical loss, dielectric loss, thermodynamic function, etc. Or the change behavior of time (frequency) is reflected(aluminium oxide blasting grit). This disparate asymmetry in structure makes it easy for them to be predominantly arranged in parallel in a certain direction in some cases.

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