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Best Carborundum Grit Suppliers South Korea

Clay combined with fire castables have been successfully developed at home and abroad(black aluminum oxide), which is characterized by its ability to be poured and its performance is basically the same as that of refractory plastics. Its working principle is to impart workability with the aid of the alkali replacement of clay(arc fused alumina). At high temperatures, it forms a ceramic bond and generates needle-shaped mullite. Therefore, it has developed rapidly.

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Clay-bonded refractory castables use bond-bonded (ie soft clay) as a binder(pink aluminum oxide). However, the strength after firing increases as the heating temperature rises, but the intermediate temperature strength of ordinary refractory castables decreases. It should be noted that in the preparation of bonding fire castables on each stick(brown fused alumina factory), the degumming agent and accelerator are added at the same time and interact with each other.

When the metal ions with thicker hydration film are added(brown fused alumina), the chloride ions in the clay colloidal diffusion layer can be replaced, so that the diffusion layer is thickened, the potential marriage is large, the negative charge of the clay particles is increased, the fluidity of the mud is improved, and the construction can be poured(fused alumina); When the metal ions with thinner hydration membrane are added, the metal ions with thicker hydration membrane can be replaced.

Their function is opposite to the above, which reduces the fluidity of the mud and causes flocculation(brown aluminum oxide), which leads to the hardening of clay combined with refractory castable. Bonded and bonded refractory castables are mainly used in heating furnaces, soaking furnaces, hot metal ditches and other thermal equipment, and show superiority(silicon carbide companies). Stones, interpenetrating each other, dense structure, good high temperature performance.

The former is generally called a degumming agent or a water-reducing agent(brown aluminium oxide), Puzao uses substances containing sodium ions, such as sodium tripolyphosphate, etc .; the latter, it is called a flocculant or accelerator, and generally uses ash and silicate Cement, lead acid cement, magnesium hydroxide, etc., that is, substances containing calcium and magnesium ion(white fused alumina oxide mfg). It is a very effective lining material for industrial furnace energy.

For this reason(green carborundum), when preparing the compound refractory injection material in Japan, a small amount of commercial-grade refractory ultrafine powder and other admixtures were added to make a high-strength clay combined fire-attached castable. In addition, a light-weight refractory castable has been successfully developed for bonding, which can be used directly in the working layer of the flame furnace(black oxide aluminum). The results of use are yet to be observed.

However, the medium temperature strength is low, and it is easy to peel off when used, which affects its promotion(brown fused aluminum oxide). Many countries use appropriate refractory powders and additives to reduce and evenly disperse the aluminate cement, and reduce the water consumption by 15-20%(glass beads supplier). This will increase the filling density of the castable and increase the medium temperature strength. Volume stability and wear resistance are also improved.

Therefore, the refractory fiber material has the advantages of light weight, good thermal insulation performance and high thermal shock stability(white aluminium oxide). For example, Japan uses the above method to make a dense high-strength refractory Casting material, while the middle temperature does not decrease, the density of the high-strength aluminate cement refractory castable after curing for one day is lower than that of the sauce refractory castable(brown fused aluminum oxide factory).

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