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Best Carborundum Grit Wholesale Suppliers Russia

Various defects are quite common in the processing of polymers(brown fused alumina). For example, the content of random structures in polypropylene increases, making polypropylene When the crystallinity of marriage decreases, both the tensile strength and bending strength decrease(aluminium oxide sandblasting). If the crystallinity is too high, it will result in a reduction in impact strength and elongation at break, and the polymer material will become brittle, but not beneficial.

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The greater impact on the impact strength of crystalline polymers is the structure of the polymer pellets(brown aluminum oxide). If large pellets are produced during slow cooling and annealing, the impact strength of the polymer will be significantly reduced, so some crystallinity In the molding process, the compound is added with a nucleating agent(green silicon carbide), so that it forms microcrystals but not spheres, so as to improve the impact strength of the polymer.

The stress evenly distributed inside the material will change when stressed, so after the raw material is selected, the temperature of the molding process and the post-treatment conditions have a great influence on the mechanical properties of the crystalline polymer(brown aluminium oxide). The above-mentioned defects, although very tiny, and some cannot even be found with the naked eye, have become a fatal weakness to reduce the mechanical properties of polymers(black silicon carbide).

Because after alignment(brown fused alumina price), the polymer chains are arranged in parallel along the direction of the external force, so that when broken, the proportion of breaking the main valence bond is greatly increased, and the strength of the main valence bond is about 20 times higher than that of Van der Waals. Defects are stress concentrators, including cracks, voids, gaps, silver streaks and impurities(aluminum oxide abrasive). Some impurities are often mixed in the production process.

If there is a defect in the material, the stress in the local range near the defect increases sharply, far exceeding the average value of stress(white alumina). They will become the weak link of material damage and seriously reduce the strength of the material, which is one of the main reasons for the huge difference between the actual strength and the theoretical strength of the polymer(aluminum oxide grit). The increased crystallinity is beneficial to improve the controlled tensile strength, bending strength and elastic modulus.

What is more difficult to avoid is that in the Wei type process(black corundum), due to the different cooling rates of the surface of the parts, the surface materials contact the mold wall with a lower temperature, and quickly cool and solidify into a hard shell. The material inside the body is still in a molten state(synthetic corundum). As it cools and shrinks, it will cause internal stress in the part, which will form reduced silver streaks and even dry cracks. Turtle load will appear on the surface of the part.

For example: when the adhesive is cured due to mufa, cooling or chemical reaction(pink corundum), the volume is usually reduced, resulting in shrinkage and shrinkage force, thus generating stress concentration around the bonding end or the adhesive hole, the internal stress generated by this curing process, Giving a fatal effect on the bonding system(emery abrasive). Orientation can increase the strength of the material several times or even tens of times. This phenomenon is called stress concentration.

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