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When micro-cracks appear on the sample, the interface between the two media (sample material-air) appears, thus reflecting the ultrasonic waves(brown fused aluminum oxide). To calculate the possible error in measuring the coordinates of the fracture point, before the start of the test(garnet abrasive). When the stress is close to the fracture stress of the specimen, the ultrasonic signal begins to weaken significantly due to the structural change of the specimen.

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When the sample breaks, all ultrasonic signals are reflected from the interface, and at the same time, a shock wave is formed and received by the receiving sensor, the propagation velocity of the longitudinal ultrasonic wave passing through the sample must be measured(white aluminium oxide). The inflection point appearing on the oscillogram (indicating the moment of fracture) actually completely eliminates the inertial influence of the vibrator when measuring the coordinates of the moment of fracture(garnet suppliers).

The time error that occurs when measuring the above coordinates is basically due to the lag when the signal propagates from the break to the sensor(brown fused alumina). The piezoelectric system and magnetostrictive system when using acoustic measurement are based on this principle. When the working frequency is lower than 15 ~ 20 kHz, currently the most widely used are electric devices and various types of microphones(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). The potassium sodium tartrate crystals have the largest piezoelectric effect. 

At this time, the lag time can be calculated according to the following formula(black aluminum oxide): the process of the abrasive industry and the motion parameters (displacement and speed, etc.) of the grinding process are measured by the strain method (using induction and capacitive sensors) and the acoustic method(fused aluminium oxide). Taking into account the importance of the above method in solving measurement problems, so it is no longer transmitted to the receiving sensor, first briefly introduce its basis.

However, the piezoelectric effect of quartz itself is very weak, which greatly limits its practical application(brown aluminum oxide). As a piezoelectric system for mechanically vibrating transmitters and receivers, its principle is based on known physical phenomena of positive and negative piezoelectric effects(steel grid). The positive piezoelectric effect is that when mechanical pressure or pulling force acts on the crystal plane of some crystals, electric charges will be generated on it.

For example, quartz, tourmaline, potassium sodium tartrate, barium titanate, and many artificial ceramic materials(pink aluminum oxide). Among the crystals with piezoelectric effect, the piezoelectric effect of quartz (SiO2) is the most constant, and it is rarely affected by external conditions. For example, as the temperature rises to 300 ° C, the sensitivity of the piezoelectric element will not change by more than a few percent(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Quartz is almost insoluble in water, so the surrounding humidity has no effect on it.

However, the piezoelectric element of potassium sodium tartrate has a series of shortcomings(brown aluminium oxide). First, it is extremely susceptible to moisture, and its piezoelectric effect strength is related to temperature. When the humidity is greater than 85%, potassium sodium tartrate begins to absorb moisture in the atmosphere and slowly melts(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The negative piezoelectric effect is based on the change in size of some crystals under the action of an electric field.

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