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Best Corundum Abrasive Manufacturers China

Due to the increase of the contact area between the scraper and the screen plate(black fused alumina), the line contact relationship between the secondary plate and the screen plate can not be maintained, and then embedded with scraping strips, so that the silk screen printing The edge of image and text is easy to blur(pink aluminium oxide). The scraper is generally made of wood or aluminum, and the inlaid parts are tightened with nails.

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Rectangular scraper should be selected for manual screen printing, and sharp angle scraper should be used for mechanical screen printing(pink alumina). Screen printing is the scraper through a certain pressure to make the screen plate and substrate closely fit, the ink seeps through the screen mesh and transfers to the substrate surface(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit). It is especially suitable for the printing of high-precision lettering and is widely used.

(best corundum abrasive manufacturers china)In the process of printing, the pressure of the scraper(black aluminum oxide blast media), the waiting angle between the scraper and the screen and the constant speed of the scraper have a great influence on the quality of the image and text in the process of printing. No matter the inclination angle is greater than or less than 45, high hardness(low density white alumina), the contact area will increase and the quality of silk screen printing will be affected.

If the residual photosensitive glue on the picture and text cannot be cleared, the photosensitive glue should be removed and the screen should be made again(black aluminum oxide media). Scraper is a kind of elastic rubber strip, its function is to squeeze the ink from the screen to the substrate, so as to complete the screen printing (hereinafter referred to as drawing and printing). When the angle exceeds 90 °(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers), the direction is reversed.(best corundum abrasive manufacturers china)

If the pressure of the secondary plate is too small, on the one hand, the ink can not be easily penetrated through the mesh to transfer to the substrate(black aluminium oxide); the second stage screen and the substrate can not fit closely, so that the printed image and text edge is not clear. It can be seen that the smaller the angle a of the secondary plate is, the greater the seepage pressure is(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). On the contrary, the seepage pressure is small.

(best corundum abrasive manufacturers china)After separation(white fused alumina), when the hard scraper is used, it is not easy to bend and deform when it encounters the friction resistance of the screen, which is conducive to maintaining the stability of the angle, reducing the reactive power loss of the force, and making the edges of the pictures and texts of the silk screen clear(wholesale brown fused alumina). The scraper with shore hardness between 65 ° and 70 ° should be used for graphic printing.

In manual screen printing, if the scraper is made of rubber and other materials with greater elasticity(black synthetic corundum), the blade of the scraper will bend when subjected to resistance, which will change the angle of the scraper, increase the contact area between the scraper and the screen plate, and increase the friction resistance between the scraper and the screen plate(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). It is better to expose the handle about 25mum.(best corundum abrasive manufacturers china)

Do not use too much force when pressurizing, first rough grinding, and then fine grinding(black alumina). According to the size of the contact area between the blade and screen, it can be divided into line contact and surface contact. Only when the contact area between the blade and the screen is the minimum, that is to say(brown fused alumina suppliers), the line contact between the blade and the screen can the image and text with clear edge be produced.

(best corundum abrasive manufacturers china)If the pressure of the scraper is too large, it is easy to bend the blade of the scraper, resulting in surface contact between the scraper and the screen(pink fused alumina). When the angle between the blade and the screen plate is 45 degrees, the contact area between the blade and the screen plate is the smallest(brown fused alumina 60 grit). The latter has good solvent resistance, and is not easy to occur elastic bending deformation in the silk screen printing process.

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