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One end of the horizontal pull rod 10 is hinged on the earring at the lower end of the movable collar, and its other end is supported on the flange 11 of the rear wall of the frame with the spring 12(best garnet sand wholesale price iran). Due to the action of the pull rod and spring, the lower end of the movable collar is usually tensioned towards the rear wall of the frame, so the elbow plate will not fall off when the movable collar is opened.

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However, when the eccentric shaft rotates for one cycle, the movable jaw plate advances and retreats once(garnet 80 mesh iran). When the movable jaw advances, the ore is drunk, which is called the working stroke. It is better to use simple swing jaw crusher to crush hard ore. Because the crushing force of the upper part of the movable collar plate is greater than that of the lower part(best garnet sand wholesale price iran). When the ore feeding is uneven, it is easy to be blocked by ore and the product particle size is uneven.

At the same time, the crushing force on the particle plate increases with the approach surface between the moving ticket and the fixed penalty. The greater the included angle formed by the elbow plate, the greater the force(garnet suppliers iran). The frame L is the framework of the jaw crusher, on which all other parts are installed(black aluminum oxide blast media). Fine crushing - crushing solid materials to a diameter of about 3mm; A fixed plate with a lining plate 16 is installed on the front wall of the frame 1.

Coarse crushing: crushing solid materials to a diameter of about 100mm(80 mesh garnet abrasive iran); Medium crushing 1 crushing solid materials to a diameter of about 30mm; Rough grinding 1: the solid material powder path is about 0.1mm in diameter; Finely grind the solid material powder to a diameter of about 60m(best garnet sand wholesale price iran). The splitting method is that the materials are crushed due to the action of the mold working body, which is suitable for the crushing of brittle and soft materials.

The maximum force on the upper part of the moving collar first breaks the larger ore block, while the smaller ore below is broken with a smaller breaking force(garnet abrasive media iran). The main advantages of this crusher are simple structure, easy maintenance and repair, and reliable protection device: the disadvantage is that vibration occurs during operation, resulting in plant vibration, so it has high requirements for plant structure(garnet sandblasting iran); Large power consumption.

Materials with high strength and hardness are difficult to crush, and the decisive factor of the difficulty of breaking drunk is the strength of materials(100 grit garnet sand iran). The picture shows that the movable collar is stretched to the maximum position again, and the broken material falls due to the self weight surface. The picture shows the position of the movable particle closest to the fixed particle, and the fractured material is divided into several small pieces(best garnet sand wholesale price iran).

The structure of complex swing whip crusher is shown in the figure(garnet 120 mesh iran). In China, it is used for medium drunk, but in small and medium-sized plants, it can be used as the first stage of crushing(white fused aluminum oxide). The width of ore feeding opening shall not exceed 600mm, the width of ore discharging opening shall be 5-75mm, and the productivity shall be 0.4-1801/h(garnet grit iran). The movable suspension shaft of this crusher is also the eccentric shaft, and the connecting rod is also cancelled.

The movable stop plate 2 is directly suspended on the eccentric shaft 3 through the ball bearing 4(garnet blasting iran). The eccentric shaft is two ball bearings supported on the frame L. the size of the ore discharge port is adjusted by wedges 9 and 10, and there is only one elbow plate 8. The lining plates 5 and 6 are installed on the movable and fixed jaw plates respectively, and their surfaces are arc-shaped(garnet 200 mesh iran). In short, the high-speed moving materials impact each other, as shown in the figure. 

The breaking method is that the materials are bent and broken due to different positions of the force points(gma garnet iran). According to different structures and working principles, the crushers used in the production of aluminum oxide can be collar crusher, cone crusher (cycle, round dimension) crusher Hammer crusher and impact crusher, etc(best garnet sand wholesale price iran). If the production process requires uniform particle size, the material loss will be large, and the maximum loss can reach 30% of the output.

The materials added to the crushing chamber of the jaw crusher (the space composed of the fixed collar plate and the movable particle plate) are crushed by extrusion, splitting and breaking when the movable whisker plate is close to the fixed cover plate due to the periodic reciprocating swing of the movable particle plate(garnet blasting media iran). But only two types are used: simple swing collar crusher, as shown in the figure(pink fused alumina); The complex swing crusher is shown in the figure.

As can be seen from the figure(garnet sand price iran). The incompletely broken materials on the crushing chamber also fall to the lower part of the crushing chamber and continue to be crushed by the extrusion, splitting and breaking of the particle plate again(garnet chinese). Most of the work required for material crushing is consumed in deformation work, friction loss work, work consumed by the change of particle surface structure and internal structure, noise and heat loss.

The picture shows the crushing process of a large piece of material in the particle crusher(best garnet sand wholesale price iran). Obviously, in order to improve the rate of alumina production process, we should increase the driving force related to the process as much as possible and reduce the resistance of the process(brown alumina). Ensure the comprehensive performance of the equipment(garnet sandblast media iran). The picture shows pej1200 produced by Shenyang Heavy Machinery Factory in China × Sectional view of 1500 simple swing crusher.

The materials smaller than the ore discharge opening are discharged from the crushing chamber, and the materials larger than the ore discharge opening fall to the lower part of the crushing chamber and are crushed again together with the materials newly entered into the crushing chamber. There are many kinds of collar crushers(garnet blasting sand iran). The grade of crushing (also known as crushing) is divided by the diameter of solid materials after crushing operation.

Ba crusher (also known as tiger mouth) is suitable for crushing hard and medium hard materials. It is mostly used as coarse crushing or medium crushing equipment(best garnet sand wholesale price iran). The material is deformed by external force, resulting in internal stress. When the external force reaches the strength limit of the material, the material is deformed too much and broken into small pieces, and the work consumed by material crushing occurs in the deformation.

The lower end of the connecting rod has four slots 13, one end of the plate 7 extends into this slot, the other end of the front elbow plate is supported in the groove at the lower part of the moving collar, and the other end of the rear elbow plate is supported in the groove on the special baffle 8 connected to the rear wall 9 of the machine(garnet abrasive price iran). The particle size of materials produced by such crushers with large breaking ratio is very uneven.

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