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Best Low Soda Alumina Wholesale Price USA

It is decomposed into V-A12O3(fused alumina). There are whole raw materials such as aluminum acid boat, because the cost is too high, it is generally not used in industrial production. In order not to make the powder agglomerate and the deep certification of the standard, we must pay attention to prevent moisture absorption(black silicon carbide factory). The heating decomposition of aluminum ferric sulfate into V-A12O3 requires three chemical changes. 

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Since Weiner invented the flame melting method to grow pottery jade crystals(brown fused alumina), people have been using industrial ammonium sulfate and aluminum sulfate in a certain proportion of the reaction, and through repeated recombination products to obtain very pure aluminum ammonium sulfate as preparation for oxidation Ingredients for the pot(black oxide aluminum). The production also proved that the composition of alumina powder is better than Di-A12O3.(best low soda alumina wholesale price usa)

There are more than ten varieties of alumina, such as a, P, β, amorphous and so on(brown aluminum oxide). It is believed that the alumina used to grow the Gangwang single product is preferably pure Y-A12O3. From the viewpoint of uniformity and fine dispersion, y-Al2O3 is the best(glass beads supplier). In the electron microscopy environment, the pumping state of ammonium aluminum sulfate heated at different temperatures was observed, and a-Al2O3 was indeed coarser than V-Al2O3.

(best low soda alumina wholesale price usa)First, in the low temperature stage (1C0~200℃), aluminum ammonium sulfate is first dissolved in white crystal water(brown aluminium oxide). After a period of filtration, 23 water products are removed to become monohydrated aluminum ammonium sulfate, and its chemical reaction The formula is as follows: Al(NH)(SO)·24H1OJ0c~200D→Al6(NI1)(glass beads manufacturers). Due to the low temperature of the dehydration furnace, it is generally carved with clay refractory brick.

Regarding the temperature at which aluminum ammonium sulfate completely decomposes into alumina(silicon carbide price). In production practice, the decomposition of ammonium aluminum sulfate is not completely carried out according to the above three stages. It is only divided into two stages: low temperature dehydration and high temperature decomposition(garnet abrasive price). For example, some factories use 1040℃, and some factories use 1100℃.

Why should the artificial gem factory in our country produce alumina powder in two divisions(green carborundum)? The main reason is due to the different inspection methods and heating conditions used in their research(glass bead abrasive). In fact, at present, all factories in my country that use flame melting to grow corundum single crystals use a temperature much higher than the above-mentioned firing temperature to decompose aluminum ammonium sulfate.(best low soda alumina wholesale price usa)

At this time, the obtained water is called "dehydrated product"(silicon carbide companies). The pyrolysis stage (also called high humidity) Melting) is to send dehydrated aluminum sulfate into a high-temperature furnace with a temperature of 1040°C. In some cases, the furnace wall that separates the furnace pus in a group of dehydration furnaces is removed, so that multiple furnace controls are connected together(steel shot abrasive), which can increase the number of evaporating dishes.

(best low soda alumina wholesale price usa)Because the ammonium aluminum sulfate undergoes a fierce chemical reaction furnace shell at a high temperature of 1100 ℃(arc fused alumina), the furnace body bracket is welded with 75×76 mm angle steel, All sides and bottom are welded with 5~6mm steel plate. The low-temperature service water is to put aluminum ammonium sulfate into a dehydration furnace at about 300°C to remove about 80% of the crystal water(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh), various researchers have different opinions.

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