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Best Pink Alumina Wholesale Price Portugal

The production properties of pink alumina include 95% - 97% of Al2O3, and the other 3% are impurities. The existence of iron and its compounds is one of the important factors that endanger the quality of abrasive products. In addition, a large number of grinding liners will be consumed in the chrome corundum granulating process, which is due to the abrasive's own strong grindability.

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The ferroalloy grains formed by the grinding of the lining plate cause serious pollution and damage to the pink fused alumina products. It will have an adverse effect on the appearance of products, and even affect the commercialization. Therefore, the magnetic separator should be used to separate the brown corundum, as much as possible to strip out the iron-containing material, improve the purity of the product, so that it has the required density and magnetic properties.(best pink alumina wholesale price portugal)

When Al > 4%, the brown fused alumina ferroalloy is nearly non magnetic. When Si > 20%, the ferromagnetism is very weak. The decrease of the magnetic induction of ferrosilicon alloy is in direct proportion to the amount of solid fusion. When the silicon content is more than 20%, the magnetic induction of the compound FeSi and ferrosilicon solid solution is very weak. Therefore, 20% is the critical content of silicon, and black alumina will make the ferromagnetism of ferroalloys decrease sharply.

(best pink alumina wholesale price portugal)The solubility of ferrosilicon in acid is also affected by the content of silicon, which makes the brown aluminum oxide solubility of ferrosilicon in acid drop sharply. Therefore, the ferroalloy with high silicon content not only makes the magnetic separation of abrasives difficult, but also it is difficult to remove the magnetic materials by pickling. Adjust the distance between the magnetic roller speed, magnetic properties and black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit product inspection results in time.

Aluminum, silicon and titanium in white corundum can reduce the magnetic induction of ferroalloys. If the magnetic content in the product is high, the separation plate shall be adjusted in the direction close to the mainstream. It is very important to improve the added value and application value of black corundum products by using other chemical products to plating corundum abrasive to produce special corundum abrasives.(best pink alumina wholesale price portugal)

Nickel plated brown fused aluminum oxide is a kind of coated abrasive products. By using nickel nitrate and mineralizer as plating solution, brown corundum abrasives were treated by plating. The nickel plated Abrasives have high group compressive strength and stronger hydrophilicity. The actual test shows that the grinding amount, desanding amount and grinding effect of nickel plated white aluminium oxide are higher than those of ordinary brown corundum products in actual indexes.

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