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Best Pink Aluminium Oxide Suppliers In China

Formula refers to the brown fused alumina proportion, type and quantity of raw materials that make up a certain charge. Charge layout refers to the distribution position of charge made up of different formulas in corundum white smelting furnace. The charge is divided into reaction charge and heat preservation charge according to its location.

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The charge located in the reaction zone is called reaction charge and the black corundum charge located in the heat preservation zone is called Baoju charge. The reaction charge is divided into upper charge, lower charge and side charge. Some are also equipped with middle charge. On the charge layout, the charge in each suburb is generally indicated by number. Generally, there are two kinds of charge layout: new charge method and 80 grit aluminum oxide furnace bottom baking method.

In the furnace bottom roasting method, the new brown aluminum oxide material composed of silica sand and coke is first loaded into the furnace bed at the bottom of the furnace for roasting, the volatile components in the coke are removed and sintered into larger particles, and then put into the reaction area after the next furnace. At the beginning of black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit power transmission, most of the current flows through the furnace core due to the formation of non decomposed graphite and silicon carbide. 

The first part is thermal insulation material, which is composed of silicon carbide abrasive spent materials, wood chips and a small amount of coke; the second part is the lower reaction material, which is composed of silica sand, coke and wood chips; the third part is the upper reaction material, which is composed of silica sand, coke, recycled black alumina materials and wood chips; the core body, which is composed of old furnace core material and decomposed graphite.

The fourth part is basically the same as the third part, but the ratio is different. The position of No. 5 is furnace core body, brown fused alumina price which is composed of old furnace core Core material and decomposed graphite composition. Because of these uses, brown corundum plays a very important and wide role in black aluminum oxide blast media industrial production. The speed of dressing wheel is more than 15m / s, and the speed of dressing wheel is less than 50R / min.

Part 1 is the green silicon carbide furnace bottom material, which is composed of silica sand and coke. It is a special heat preservation material, which is the raw material for obtaining the baking material; Part 2 is called the lower material, which is also composed of silica sand and coke, but the ratio is different from that of Part 1; Part 3 is composed of baking material, recycled fused alumina material and salt; Part 4 is composed of baking material or the same formula as part 1. 

The whole white alumina feeding process of the rest is completed by hand. Part 5 is composed of baking material, recycled material and salt The difference between components is that the proportion of recycled materials added is relatively large. Part 6 is the baking material for loading people; Part 7 is the insufficient chrome corundum material for keeping Ju. Part 8 is the furnace core, which is composed of the graphite from decomposing graphite and the old furnace core.

The new charge method loads the new charge composed of black silicon carbide sand and coke into the reaction zone. The change of the total resistance of the furnace causes the change of the total current in the furnace, and the change of the resistance of each layer causes the change of the current in each layer. When the silicon carbide layer and the decomposed graphite layer are formed, there is a shunt. The longer the aluminum oxide abrasive smelting time is, the larger the shunt will be, and the maximum shunt will be at the end of power transmission.

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