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Various unit operations are realized by certain machines or equipment(best selling alumina powder suppliers paraguay). Of course, the speed of the process is called the violation rate of the process. The relationship between alumina dissolution rate and temperature in Pingguo mine, Guangxi shows this, which obviously does not meet the requirements of economic rationality.

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Practice has proved that the rate of the process is directly proportional to the vertebral force of the process and inversely proportional to the resistance of the process, that is(aluminum oxide sandblasting paraguay), when the dissolution temperature is higher than 300 ℃, regardless of the mineral form of alumina hydrate, the dissolution process of most bauxite can be completed in a few minutes, and a saturated sodium aluminate solution can be obtained, and the influence of ore type basically does not exist.

However, the equipment must serve the realization of specific process(best selling alumina powder suppliers paraguay). The energy that must be provided in order to obtain the target product in the production process is called effective energy. The ratio of effective energy to the energy of the adding system is called the effective utilization rate of energy, that is, the part of the energy of the adding system that has not been converted into effective energy is collectively referred to as energy loss.

However, increasing the dissolution temperature will sharply increase the saturated vapor pressure of the solution, and the difficulties in dissolution equipment and operation will also increase(aluminum oxide powder paraguay). Control the rate of the process. Superfine mill 1 grinds solid materials to a diameter of 5m or less. Moreover, in order to better explain the relationship between the four, the bauxite dissolution process is taken as an example for analysis.

Of course, it is not safe, which limits the improvement of dissolution temperature, that is, it is limited by technical feasibility and operation safety(120 grit aluminum oxide paraguay). One, it must meet the basic requirements of the process, such as certain volume or treatment capacity, sufficient mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance. We should point out that it is extremely difficult for any equipment to fully meet the above requirements(best selling alumina powder suppliers paraguay). Improve the effective utilization of energy.

In practical work, we can only grasp the main contradictions and consider them as comprehensively as possible(alumina abrasive paraguay). Another main task of learning this course is to help students initially establish engineering concepts and develop good engineering working habits, so that they can better analyze and deal with technical problems in alumina production in the future(abrasive blast media paraguay). All these factors are collectively referred to as the comprehensive performance of the equipment.

How to reduce the material loss and energy loss in the process, improve the effective utilization rate of energy, control the speed of the process and ensure the comprehensive performance of the equipment are often considered by technicians engaged in alumina production or management(best selling alumina powder suppliers paraguay). Since solid materials are composed of blocks or particles of different sizes before and after crushing, their particle size cannot be the same.

The purpose of learning this course is not only to master the laws of the operation process of each unit, but also to preliminarily learn to use the concept of engineering technology to analyze and solve the practical problems in alumina production practice(corundum abrasive paraguay). Applying it to the production practice of alumina can help us select operating conditions and test the degree of energy consumption, and formulate an economic and reasonable energy consumption scheme from all aspects. 

Different types of bauxite minerals require different dissolution temperatures(100 grit aluminum oxide paraguay). At present, when dissolving gibbsite bauxite, the dissolution temperature is generally 120-140 ℃, and the dissolution temperature of boehmite monohydrate is generally 205-230 ℃; The dissolution temperature of diaspore ore is generally 230 ~ 245 ℃ or higher(best selling alumina powder suppliers paraguay). After scaling of vessels and pipelines, it is difficult to operate and needs to be cleaned regularly.

Diaspore is the most difficult to dissolve, and the temperature is required to be above 200 ℃(aluminum oxide blast media paraguay). It can be dissolved well at high temperature, high pressure and high alkalinity; When the temperature is below 200 ℃, the dissolution rate of diaspore is extremely slow even under high pressure and high alkalinity(aluminium oxide paraguay). Increasing the dissolution temperature can make the influence caused by the difference of mineral morphology disappear.

On the premise of ensuring social benefits, it is the important responsibility of technicians engaged in alumina production or management to study how to create optimal production conditions and create higher economic benefits(aluminium oxide powder paraguay). Therefore, in the operation and production practice of each unit involved in the research, we should pay attention to the following common problems: reduce the material loss in the process as much as possible. 

According to the law of conservation of mass, the loss of raw materials, target products and materials should conform to the following relationship: the calculation according to this law is called material balance. Through practice and practice, especially practice, exercise your practical work ability(best selling alumina powder suppliers paraguay). According to the law of conservation of chemical energy: the calculation according to this law is called energy balance.

The realization of any production process always consumes certain raw materials and needs to provide sufficient energy(aluminium oxide grit paraguay). Increasing the dissolution temperature can not only improve the dissolution rate of Al2O3, but also reduce the caustic ratio of the solution to 1.45 ~ 1.5 and increase the silicon content index to more than 200 ~ 250 on the premise of ensuring the full dissolution of Al2O3, so as to improve the circulation efficiency of the mother liquor and meet the requirements of product quality.

When it is applied to the production practice of alumina, it can reveal the loss of materials and alumina, and reflect the normal operation of equipment and the perfection of production, so as to put forward improvement schemes, which are both economical and reasonable(aluminum oxide for sale paraguay). In unit operation, since no chemical reaction is involved, for any system, the amount of raw materials that cannot be converted into target products can be collectively referred to as material loss(best selling alumina powder suppliers paraguay). 

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