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Best Silicon Carbide Grit Suppliers Canada

Oxygen converter lining life is increasing year by year, roughly going through three stages(brown fused alumina): the 1950s and 1960s, that is, the initial stage of development, generally using ordinary dolomite bricks or magnesium bricks to build the lining, the service life is lower, and the consumption of refractory materials is higher(black silicon carbide manufacturers). Later, magnesia-chromium bricks were basically not used.

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Taking Japan as an example, the furnace age is 100 ~ 1000 times(pink aluminum oxide), and the consumption of refractories is 3 ~ 12 kg / ton of steel; in the late 1960s and early 1970s, high-purity dense alkaline bricks appeared, using comprehensive furnace lining technology and The spray repair method improves the level of refining operation, and the life of the lining is generally improved(synthetic corundum). It can be called the "single-stage charging competition" stage.

For example, in November 1976(brown aluminum oxide), the age of the oxygen converter at the Junjin plant in Japan broke through the 10,000 furnace mark, setting a world record of 10,110 times. Oxygen converter lining life is related to factors such as furnace type, geometry, brick lining material and performance, masonry technology, smelting steel type and operation level, etc.(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media), the furnace age is improved, so it is a comprehensive indicator.

In 1977, the highest ages of oxygen converters in the Soviet Union and West Germany were 2,500 and 1810, respectively(green silicon carbide). Since the late 1970s and the 1980s, many steel-producing countries have not pursued the blast furnace age of oxygen converters alone(brown aluminum oxide factory). Pay attention to reducing the consumption of refractory materials, and strive to achieve the best technical and economic effects, which can be called the "economic furnace age" stage.

The furnace is the oldest, and in addition to other technical instructions(brown aluminium oxide), it mainly uses spray repair technology to maintain the furnace body to achieve balanced corrosion damage, so the consumption of refractory spray paint is relatively large, about 1 to 5 times that of brick lining(aluminum oxide grit); The maximum furnace age of converters in some countries in Western Europe generally does not exceed 3,000 times, and less paint is consumed. 

China's top-blown converter furnace age and consumption of refractory materials are larger than those of advanced countries in the world(white alumina). In 1975 and 1976, the highest furnace ages in Austria and the United States were 4,253 and 2,857, respectively. These indicators are comparable to top-blown gas converters, and also show the upside of bottom-blown converters(black silicon carbide); while the consumption of refractory materials is continuously reduced.

Although it is similar to the converter capacity and furnace age of the Lanshuen factory in the UK, the consumption of refractory materials is 4 kg / ton of steel(black aluminum oxide). Recently, converter bricks were manufactured with high-purity dense magnesium bricks. They were tried in the trunnion part of the 300-ton converter in Novolipitsk Steel Plant(aluminum oxide abrasive), smelting 597 furnaces, and the residual lining 150-300 mm thick, which can still be used.

In the beginning of the American top-blown oxygen converter, magnesia bricks, magnesia bricks, and dolomite bricks were used at the beginning(brown fused alumina price). The furnace age reaches 800 ~ 1000 times, and the unit consumption of refractories is 2 ~ 3 kg / ton. The Soviet converter uses tar dolomite bricks and magnesium bricks as the lining(emery abrasive). The furnace age is generally low, and the consumption of Xiehuo materials is high.

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