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According to calculation, the distance between two closely arranged planes in calcium carbide crystal is 0.341nm, and the distance between graphite base planes is 0.335nm(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador). In the [0001] direction of graphite crystal, the mismatch between the two is very small and easy to match. The epitaxial potential of carbon is presented on the base plane of graphite. 

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Due to the strong binding energy between carbon atoms in hexagonal ring, the graphite layer will form rapidly on calcium carbide crystal, and may eventually become an effective graphite crystal core(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador). Calcium carbide is bound to react with sulfur and oxygen commonly existing in molten iron, and part of calcium carbide will be replaced by calcium oxide and calcium sulfide(aluminium oxide sand). The statement of silica as nucleation matrix is basically based on experimental facts.

The close packed surface (L11) of FCC is similar to the graphite base surface (0001) in structure and lattice parameters(pink corundum). It is considered that 2fe0 · SiO2 is formed when ferrosilicon is added to molten iron. This complex compound based on SiO2 is highly dispersed in molten iron and can become stone star core matrix(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador). Through in-depth exploration of the grinding plane, it is confirmed that sulfide is the majority of heterogeneous core materials.

The free energy of formation (Ag) values of Ca0 and CAS are more negative than that of CAC, but when calcium and silicon are added into molten iron at the same time, a silicon rich micro region will be formed in molten iron(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador). In this micro region, calcium and other similar elements exist in the form of fine metal droplets(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). It has been suggested earlier that silicate can become the nucleation matrix of graphite.

There is basically no oxygen and sulfur in molten iron, and the carbon in it (mostly in the form of Hypereutectic graphite) reacts with calcium to produce calcium carbide, And the surface graphite layer appears soon, which may become the graphite crystal core(alumina adsorbent). Experiments show that the carbides of other group II elements (magnesium, saw and barium) have similar effects, and calcium carbide is more typical(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador). 

However, once these possible crystal nuclei leave the silicon rich micro region, the surface graphite layer will be destroyed, and calcium carbide will react with sulfur and oxygen to form calcium oxide and calcium sulfide(black aluminum oxide). With the extension of time, the inoculation function of calcium carbide will gradually weaken(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador). This seems to be a possible explanation for the phenomenon of breeding recession.

In addition, from the X-ray diffraction results, it can be calculated that the atomic distance in the existing carbon molecule (c) in the liquid iron carbon silicon alloy is (0.14 ± 0.02) nm and the distance between the centers of gravity of carbon ions on the graphite base is 0.142 nm(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador). They are very close and easy to replace each other(aluminum oxide sand). To become a widely accepted breeding theory, more experimental results are needed to support it.

Chromium, sail and manganese replace iron atoms, and oxygen, sulfur, selenium, knock and overturn replace carbon atoms, making the cementite structure more stable and more inclined to form(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador). However, further research found that this statement has its limitations(glass bead abrasive). On the contrary, the lattice on the surface of SiO2 crystal has a certain matching relationship with the graphite lattice, and SiO2 can become the graphite nucleation matrix. 

Therefore, the researchers sintered powdered CAC with Fe-C alloy and added molten iron(aluminium oxide blasting media). It was found that CAC crystal has face centered cubic structure at high temperature, and carbon exists in the form of C. Based on the calculation of (LL1) product surface, the spacing between two adjacent C3 is 4 and 19 × 10m, 4.25 in graphite lattice × The atomic spacing of 10 ° m is very close, and the lattice fit is very good(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador). 

In addition(white aluminum oxide), group L, II and III elements that can form salt carbides (with chloride lattice) and group V elements that can form metal carbides in the periodic table were added to liquid high purity iron carbon alloy and iron carbon silicon ternary alloy by appropriate methods, and systematic experiments were carried out to explore the elements that may produce effective inoculation. B. Lux put forward the view that calcium carbide can become graphite nucleation matrix as early as the 1960s(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador).

Once CaC2, SiC, ZrC, tic, Mn, the negative value of the formation free energy of C is small, and it is easy to combine with sulfur and oxygen in molten iron to form more stable compounds(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador). It is found that the carbides of group 1, II and III elements can reduce undercooling and increase the number of eutectic clusters, while group IV elements (TIC, ZC and HC) have little effect on the number of eutectic clusters(70 grit aluminum oxide). 

Therefore, the test shows that the number of eutectic clusters of the non inoculated Fe-C-Si ternary alloy is 8.5/em(steel shot abrasive). Among the elements with remarkable effect, the influence of calcium carbide (CACA) is remarkable. However, when the amount of calcium carbide in the sinter increases again, the number of eutectic clusters tends to decrease(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador). When iron and 5% CAC are added, the number of eutectic clusters is 110 / m2.

When the sinter of Fe-Si steel alloy and calcium carbide powder is added (calcium carbide is very light, poor wettability with liquid Fe-C-Si alloy and difficult to dissolve, so calcium carbide powder cannot be added directly), the number of eutectic clusters increases sharply(180 grit aluminum oxide). The closely aligned plane in these structures is (111), which has an epitaxial matching relationship with the (0001) plane of graphite crystal(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador).

It has been introduced that the sinter containing calcium oxide (iron, carbon steel and 1.5% Ca0) also has a certain inoculation effect, and the number of eutectic clusters after inoculation is 50 / em(garnet blasting media). CAC can promote the formation of graphite growth core in the micro silicon rich region formed by inoculating ferrosilicon, but the disadvantage of CAC and other carbides as nucleation matrix is their poor thermodynamic stability(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador).

The viewpoint of carbide as nucleation matrix is briefly introduced based on the interaction between calcium carbide and graphite(best silicon carbide grit suppliers ecuador). Generally, the structural analysis of carbides with sodium chloride lattice shows that these carbides are face centered cubic at high temperature, and the alkali atoms exist in the state of CG ions(brown aluminum oxide). When the sinter contains 2.5% CAC, the number of eutectic clusters is 350 / em2. 

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