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Best Silicon Carbide Grit Wholesale Suppliers Russia

Under the adhesion of adhesive, for example, abrasives are firmly combined to make organic abrasives of various shapes(brown aluminium oxide). Adhesive belongs to a kind of high polymer material, which is a kind of high molecular weight compound (usually 10 * ~ 10), also known as macromolecular compound or polymer(fused aluminum oxide). The mechanical properties of plastics between dry rubber and synthetic fiber are divided into two types: flexible and rigid.

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Many special properties of polymers are related to their high molecular weight, they are difficult to dissolve or even insoluble(brown fused aluminum oxide). The solution viscosity is much higher than that of small molecular solution of the same concentration; due to the high molecular weight and the large intermolecular force, it can only be a viscous liquid or solid state, which can not be gasified(60 grit aluminum oxide); the solid polymer has certain mechanical strength, can be tapped, can pull film, etc.

Different from the low molecular compounds, another characteristic is the chemical bond between the atoms that make up the low molecular compounds(white aluminium oxide). There are not only covalent bond but also ionic bond and metal bond. The main chain of polymer compounds does not contain ionic bond and metal bond, only covalent bond(150 grit aluminum oxide). Rubber is a high elastic material with reversible deformation. Adhesive is also called adhesive.

If there are branched chains with different lengths besides the main chain, they are called branched off molecules(black aluminum oxide); if there are chemical bonds between the main chains of linear or branched polymers to connect them into a whole, thus forming a two-dimensional or three-dimensional network structure, they are called body polymers(silicon carbide companies). When the thermosetting plastics are heated, the structure changes and crosslinks to form a network structure.

A polymer with only a main chain is often called a linear polymer; a low molecular compound is a simple single shape(pink aluminum oxide). When they are cooled and heated again, the thermosetting plastics will not melt. According to different kinds of compounds and different uses, there are great differences in the types and dosage of various additives (additives)(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). In the composition of organic abrasives, adhesives play a very important role.

According to the properties and uses of polymer materials(brown fused alumina), polymer materials produced with polymer as the main raw material can be divided into plastic, rubber, synthetic fiber, adhesive, coating, ion exchange resin, etc. Plastic plastic is a kind of synthetic material, which is made of synthetic Haohe as the main raw material, adding stabilizer(green carborundum), colorant, plasticizer and paste slip agent, and the strong heat will crack and cannot dissolve.

The typical flexible plastics are poly ethylene, with tensile strength of 2500n / cm, modulus of 20000n / EM and ultimate elongation of 500%(brown aluminum oxide). Although the ultimate elongation is close to that of rubber, the difference is that the flexible plastics can only recover within 20%, so when the stress is removed, the shape of the molded material will remain when it is stretched(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Rigid plastics have high rigidity and deformation resistance.

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