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Best White Alumina Grit Manufacturers China

Generally, the critical particle size is 3 ~ 5mm, and the content of fine powder less than 0.088mm should be in the range of 35% ~ 45%(aluminum oxide abrasive). Lamellar cracks are layered cracks formed during the pressing process that are perpendicular to the pressing direction. Too much moisture in the billet, too much fine powder, too little binder, and too high pressure will all lead to spallation(white fused alumina suppliers). Therefore, these parameters must be controlled in production.

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Layer density phenomenon, that is, the density of the brick after molding reverses in the direction of pressure(silicon carbide companies). The bricks that are pressed unidirectionally from above are generally dense on the bottom and sparse on the same level, and are dense on the same horizontal surface(white alumina powder). This is due to the decreasing pressure caused by the friction between the blank particles and the friction between the blank and the mold wall.

The method of double-sided pressure and the application of lubricating oil on the four walls of the mold to reduce the external friction can reduce this phenomenon and reduce the porosity of the bad body(white corundum). The most common defects of machine-pressed bricks are layer cracking and layer density(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). The lever brick press is mainly composed of a pressing mechanism, a brick output mechanism, a brick pushing and feeding mechanism.

The selection of molding equipment should be comprehensively considered according to the quality requirements, shape, size and production quantity of products(green carborundum). The ear bracket is equipped with a bearing box to support the horizontal shaft and the friction vertical wheel and large pulley fixed on the horizontal shaft(corundum white). The transmission device is composed of a motor, a triangle belt and a pulley, and high quality of the formed body.

A lever brick press with higher production efficiency can be used(white fused alumina). Products with higher quality requirements can use a friction brick press with a nominal pressure of not less than 3000kN; products with a large thickness or a complex shape and large production volume are formed by a high-stroke friction brick press(white fused alumina manufacturer). When the product specifies the lower limit of the apparent porosity index, the press with a lower pressure should be selected.

The friction brick press is a brick press that uses friction wheels to drive the slider to reciprocate up and down(silicon carbide price). The characteristics of the friction brick press are simple structure, low cost, easy operation, convenient maintenance(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). The disadvantage is that the production capacity is low, the stroke of the slider is not fixed, the pressure is unstable, and it is not safe, and the requirements for the operator are higher.

Friction brick press is composed of frame(white aluminum oxide), transmission device, horizontal shaft and friction vertical wheel, flywheel, spiral main shaft, slide block, punch, operating system and brick ejector. In addition to the daily impact, the closed frame must also withstand the huge frictional torque generated by the main nut in the beam and the thrust bearing in the slider(100 grit aluminum oxide white). Horizontal axis and friction vertical wheel, and a transmission system.

Generally, the bricks used in the heating furnace are made into products with simple shapes, large quantities, and general quality requirements(brown fused alumina price). In order to improve its stability, the frame can be made of integral cast steel(aluminum oxide grit). The shape, structure and reinforcement of its beam and base should be adapted to the impact of bending stress, without excessive stress concentration, otherwise the beam base will easily break.

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