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Best White Aluminium Oxide Grit Suppliers Turkey

High speed cutting wheel is developed on the basis of common resin cutting wheel according to the requirements of grinding technology(aluminum oxide grit). This kind of grinding wheel is widely used in the processes of grinding weld, deburring casting and metal surface in metallurgy, chemical industry, shipbuilding and other machining industries(steel grid). The results show that among the thermosetting resins, epoxy resin, novolac resin and polyamine bismaleimide resin have better adhesion.

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Compared with common cutting wheel, it has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, good impact resistance and bending resistance(aluminum oxide abrasive). At present, it has developed from cutting small metal materials to cutting large-size section steel and steel plate, and the specifications of grinding wheel are more and more. The outer diameter of cutting wheel abroad has reached more than 1400mm(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). In the past, ceramic grinding wheel was mostly used in vertical plane grinding.

In other aspects, such as the fine grinding or rough grinding of automobile shock absorbers, piston pins, connecting rods and valves, etc.(white fused alumina); in the bearing industry, the grinding of bearing needles, cylindrical rollers, raceways and gear edges, the ceramic or rubber grinding wheel used in the past, has been completely or partially replaced by resin grinding wheel(garnet abrasive). Generally, as long as the carbon atoms are organized under certain conditions, diamond can be formed.

In order to improve the accuracy of the workpiece and avoid burns(white aluminum oxide), in addition to considering the basic characteristics of the grinding tool, a variety of structural forms are also adopted on the plane of the grinding wheel, the fine grinding and polishing wheel used in the watch and instrument industries, such as atmospheric hole sand Wheel, slotted wheel, porous wheel or porous wheel with groove, etc(white aluminium oxide 180/220). With the continuous improvement of grinding technology, resin grinding wheel gradually replaced it. 

At present, the bolt fastening grinding wheel has been widely used in the grinding of automobiles, pullers and bearings(white corundum). It is mainly used for double face grinding and general plane grinding, with a common specification of 300-900mm outer diameter. These grinding wheels of different shapes improve the grinding performance of grinding wheels to different degrees(garnet suppliers). The heat resistance of resin is very important, it affects the grinding performance of abrasive tools.

Generally speaking, the diameter of high-speed grinding disc is from 100 to 230 mm, and the speed of use is 60-80 meters per second(brown fused aluminum oxide). For all kinds of roller grinding, the use of ceramic grinding wheel is gradually reduced, while the demand of resin grinding wheel is increasing(glass bead blasting media suppliers). In the process of hot rolling and cold rolling in the iron and steel industry, the advantage of grinding roller with resin grinding wheel has been recognized by most factories.

For example, the grinding wheel for sunglasses(silicon carbide price), the copper powder electrolytic grinding wheel for grinding the bevel of injection needle, the rough grinding and fine grinding wheel for grinding the magnetic head of the recorder, and the PVA grinding wheel newly developed and widely used in the fine grinding and polishing recently, most of which are manufactured by a special process according to the characteristics of a certain resin(brown aluminium oxide grit). Its use speed is 60-100 meters per second.

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