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The comprehensive power consumption per ton of aluminum in the industrial electrolytic aluminum plant is about 15000kW·h, which consumes a large amount of electricity and must be continuously supplied with electricity(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa). Generally, the main wiring adopts 110kV, 220kV, 330kV and 500kV voltage power supply(alumina abrasive). Three-level load: power load that does not belong to the first and second levels. 

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Therefore, it is generally required to have two separate power supplies as a guarantee, that is, the capacity of any power supply should ensure that all the primary loads use electricity, but also meet all or part of the secondary loads(aluminum oxide sand). The current and voltage of alternating current change direction with time, and the rectification process is to turn this alternating current into direct current with the same direction(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa). 

Micropowder is a good material to reduce the temperature of the furnace liquid(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). In recent years, some new production processes have been developed one after another, such as clay salt meat method, sodium aluminate method, sodium fluorosilicate sodium aluminate method, ammonium chloroaluminate method, etc(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa). The electrical energy supplied by power plants or transmission networks is high-voltage alternating current. 

Secondary load(1200 grit aluminum oxide): Domestic interruption of power supply will cause greater social and economic losses, or will affect the normal work of important power users(80 grit aluminum oxide). Class I load: interruption of power supply will cause personal injury or death, or will cause major economic losses and serious damage to important equipment, or will affect the normal work of power users with major social and economic significance(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa).

The hydrogen chloride gas generated in the pre-reactor and the reaction furnace is pre-purified and cooled, and then passed into the aluminum fluoride reactor(glass bead abrasive), where it reacts with aluminum hydroxide to generate AIF(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa). The external power supply voltage of the electrolytic aluminum plant should be determined after technical and economic comparison according to the load size, distance and other conditions. 

For the power supply system of electrolytic aluminum plants of 100kt/a and below(black corundum), when the enterprise has no-load development demand for electricity and is close to the power plant or regional substation, after technical and economic comparison, 110kV voltage power supply can be preferentially selected(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa). However, the traditional soda chloroaluminate cryolite production capacity It still accounts for more than half. 

Because this work is now done by the general transformer (distribution) of the aluminum plant(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). The low-voltage alternating current after the step-down can enter the rectifier for rectification. The earliest high-power rectifier equipment used is mercury rectifier, which has the disadvantages of large volume, large power loss, high potential safety hazards, and low rectification efficiency(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa). The distance shall be 10-12m.

Silicon diodes and silicon controlled rectifiers are commonly used, which have the advantages of small size, safe operation, and high rectification efficiency(alumina abrasive powder). Its rectification efficiency is about 98%. The rectification process is completed in the rectification station of the aluminum plant(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa). In addition, the cell control technology adopts the electrolytic cell with the function of automatically extinguishing the anode effect.

When starting the furnace, place the arcing objects(steel shot abrasive). The rectifier station shall be arranged close to the electrolysis workshop to save the consumption of aluminum bus and reduce the line loss(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa). The requirements for the two power sources shall comply with relevant regulations(alumina sand). In the thick material layer smelting, the arc light is covered by the material layer for a long time, and only the arc light runs intermittently. 

The rectification efficiency is related not only to the rectification equipment itself, but also to the rated output voltage of DC output. See the table for this influence(brown aluminium oxide). Therefore, according to the site layout conditions, the electrolytic aluminum plant shall minimize the number of electrolytic series, increase the number of single series cells and improve the rated output voltage at the DC side of series rectifier transformer(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa).

In the process of voltage transformation and rectification, the access of various switches and transformers makes some inductive and capacitive lines connected in series or in parallel in the circuit(garnet blasting media), resulting in inconsistent voltage and current waveforms of AC, that is, a phase difference, which reduces the power factor of AC(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa). The rectifier efficiency of silver rectifier is generally about 90%, and the maximum is no more than 95%(aluminium oxide blasting). 

The aluminum electrolysis series is put into operation at the initial stage or restarted after the shutdown of the whole series(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). The basic flow of high voltage AC voltage transformation and rectification is shown in the figure. Allowable values of power failure and power reduction in aluminum electrolysis production. Under normal circumstances, including maintenance and general accidents, power failure is not allowed(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa). 

The number of the first batch of start-up cells is small, generally 2-6 cells(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa). Therefore, the rectifier unit shall consider the possibility of full range on load continuous voltage regulation without no-load reverse section switch to realize zero start or low voltage start(silicon carbide grit). A-al203 has complete lattice and high chemical stability, while y-al203 and y-al203 have incomplete lattice, strong activity and fast dissolution in electrolyte.

However, in extreme cases, in case of Maintenance accidents or continuous accidents, the allowable value of power failure or power reduction is: full power failure, 30 ~ 45min(alumina blasting); Reduce power by 20% within 4H; Reduce power by 10% within L2H. The outdoor aluminum bus connecting the rectifier station and the electrolysis workshop shall ensure electrical insulation, and the insulation value to the ground shall not be less than 2m Ω(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa).

How to obtain the low-voltage direct current used on the electrolyzer(silicon carbide powder)? Electrical insulation includes the ground insulation of power supply and consumption systems, as well as the insulation between AC and DC systems(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa). Generally, diode rectifier unit is adopted, which reduces voltage through on load switch, and converts current at natural commutation angle a = 0 °, with small harmonic, so it is easy to realize zero voltage start(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). 

The depth of the cell chamber should also consider the height of the electrolyte level when the anode sits down(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). Due to the different current intensity and process system, the structure of each part is also quite different. But the basic structure is similar. The rectifier station is generally built jointly with the general transformation (distribution) power station of the aluminum electrolysis plant(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa). Now it has been basically eliminated.

The figure shows the general structure of the large pre culture tank for central blanking(aluminium oxide blasting media). What are the components of the cathode structure of the pre molten aluminum reduction cell(best white aluminium oxide manufacturers sa)? The cathode structure of large pre culture cell refers to the cell body of electrolytic cell(pink aluminum oxide). The electrical equipment of the rectifier station shall be provided with strict grounding protection, and the grounding requirements are shown in the table.

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