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The basic factors affecting the number of eutectic clusters are the number of crystalline cores in molten iron, the growth rate of eutectic clusters and the volume fraction of primary austenite(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). This helps the graphite phase to maintain a stable leading position and is a necessary condition for the formation of abnormal eutectic.

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These factors are affected by the type of furnace charge, chemical composition of molten iron, inoculation treatment process and the type of inoculant used, casting cooling rate, molten iron superheat temperature, high temperature holding time and other process conditions(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). Specifically, it is the coexistence of a, B and D-type graphite(aluminium oxide blasting media). Austenite is fully developed and occupies a large volume fraction in the whole solidification volume.

In austenite precipitation stage and eutectic transformation stage during solidification of cast iron, the solubility of carbon in austenite increases with the decrease of temperature(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). Graphite is no longer the leading phase, but grows synergistically with Austenite in normal eutectic mode(green silicon carbide). The greater the undercooling of molten liquid, the higher the degree of branching, and the faster the growth rate of graphite crystal. 

If the temperature change rate is low at this stage, graphite is likely to dissolve into austenite(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). Therefore, B-type graphite eutectic without fine graphite in the center may exist. If the cooling rate of the melt is very high and the solidification undercooling is very large, the eutectic transformation is carried out in the divorced eutectic mode first(glass bead abrasive). Compared with A-type graphite eutectic, D-type graphite eutectic has smaller size.

High cooling rate, elements easy to produce component supercooling and non planar interface (cellular and dendritic interface) will improve the undercooling of molten liquid(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). The diagram shows the relationship between the growth rate of austenite, the growth rate of graphite crystal on the rotating plum crystal step (equivalent to the growth rate in the length direction of flake graphite) and the undercooling of crystal growth(aluminum oxide sand).

Are the eutectic clusters formed under the above solidification conditions all have fine graphite(pink aluminum oxide)? The answer is No(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). The main reason is that the initially formed fine graphite may re dissolve into austenite during subsequent solidification(aluminum oxide for sale). If the heat generated during the formation of fine graphite eutectic in the heart can be maintained for a long time, graphite re dissolution may occur.

However, the small and frequently branched supercooled graphite appearing between dendrites is D-type graphite(steel shot abrasive). The room temperature structure of D-type graphite eutectic region is D-type graphite + ferrite(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). This is because it is difficult for carbon atoms to fully diffuse during the transformation at a faster rate at a lower temperature, and austenite will be transformed into ferrite containing saturated carbon. 

However, the graphite in a eutectic group is also grown from a crystalline core(alumina abrasive). Although the temperature difference at the front end of the two-phase growth is small, the temperature gradient is very steep. The temperature difference between graphite and austenite at the front of growth is only 0.1 ℃, the graphite is about 10 PM ahead of austenite, and the phase boundary temperature gradient is about 100 ℃ / em(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador).

In the distribution area of D-type graphite, some isolated point or fine flake graphite were also found(black corundum). When the undercooling degree of molten iron is slightly less than that of D-type graphite, the graphite nucleates and grows at the lower limit temperature within the range of eutectic transition temperature to form E-type graphite(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). At this time, the carbon discharged due to austenite crystallization supersaturates the carbon in the residual melt(180 grit aluminum oxide).

In this way, F-type graphite is also known as star graphite, which is characterized by the coexistence of star (spider) graphite and uniformly distributed fine flake graphite(garnet blasting media). From the formation process of eutectic structure, hypoeutectic, eutectic and hypereutectic can form D-type graphite, but the volume fraction of D-type graphite is different due to different carbon content(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). 

The formation of this type of graphite is first to form spider like primary graphite at high cooling rate, and on this basis, austenite fine graphite eutectic clusters are formed in the eutectic temperature range of stable system(alumina sand). For example, the shape of the graphite sheet is small and curved, with more branches(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). Unidirectional solidification technology is generally used to study the variation law of solidification interface(aluminum oxide abrasive powder).

The non isothermal solidification boundary formed by cooling under non-equilibrium conditions is false to the cooling conditions and liquid composition(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). The number of eutectic clusters is divided into 8 levels in the national standard, ranging from more than 1040 (Level 1) to less than 130 (level 8)(brown aluminum oxide). The growth of austenite between graphite sheets lags behind relatively, forming grooves, and the interface becomes sawtooth with peak and valley.

If the unidirectional solidification device can control the growth rate (=), the temperature gradient at the interface front (G1) and the chemical composition to change independently(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). After liquid quenching, the microstructure of the sample can be retained at a certain moment, so that the effects of various parameters on eutectic growth can be studied respectively(80 grit aluminum oxide). Graphite basically grows along the direction of heat flow, with few branches and uniform distribution.

The figure shows the change of interface morphology of (P) = 0.047% Fe-C Alloy by changing the growth rate alone (fixed temperature and chemical composition)(aluminium oxide blasting). If the growth rate is low (+ = 1.8mm / h), due to the opportunity of volume diffusion of carbon atoms in the liquid phase along the interface, graphite grows ahead of austenite, and austenite precipitates after graphite(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). 

Good reproducibility can be obtained from the test results(best white aluminium oxide suppliers ecuador). If the valley bottom carbon concentration increases with the precipitation of austenite, new fine graphite crystals may precipitate between the two formed graphite flakes, which in turn improves the growth rate of austenite, and the eutectic growth interface can remain relatively stable(black silicon carbide). The eutectic graphite produced by serrated growth boundary is A-type graphite. 

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