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Best White Aluminum Oxide Crystals Suppliers Malaysia

However, the crystallization ability of polymers refers to the ability of the smectite to form products, whether the conditions for forming products are easy to meet and the maximum degree of crystallinity that can be achieved(white aluminum oxide). The crystalline polymer is still in the non product state in its molten state and supercooled melt(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). The hydrolysis product of PVA is not regular, but its crystallinity can reach 30%.

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The influence of chain structure on the ability of product formation is shown in the following aspects: the symmetrical crystal is a kind of solid with certain symmetry(brown aluminium oxide). The polymer with poor symmetry is not easy to crystallize. It should be pointed out that some polymers do not have the regularity of the above symmetry, but still have quite strong crystallization ability(aluminum oxide abrasive). The higher the regularity, the stronger the ability of product forming. 

The side of carbon is all hydrogen atom or chlorine atom(brown fused alumina price), the symmetry is very good, the maximum degree of product of polygamy can be quotient up to 95%, while the crystallinity of general crystalline vesicles is usually about 50%. The regularity of chain for Polya substituted olefin polymers(black silicon carbide), each structural unit contains asymmetric carbon atoms, whether they can crystallize depends on the configuration of the polymer chain.

The higher the symmetry of polymer chain, the easier it is to form or product formation(black corundum). Generally speaking, the fundamental reason for this difference lies in the different chain structure of the polymer itself, and whether the chain structure of the detached molecule can meet the requirements of forming a three-dimensional ordered set state(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). Polyethylene and polytetrafluoroethylene are all composed of carbon atoms on the main chain.

The molecular chains of random polymers do not have any symmetry and regularity, and the structural units cannot be arranged orderly in space, thus losing the crystallization ability(pink corundum). The molecular chain of isotactic or isotactic polymers has the necessary regularity to meet the requirements of crystal structure, because the surface has certain crystallization ability(green silicon carbide). The crystallinity of the polymer is related to the regularity of the polymer.

In general, the main chain of the case diene polymer contains double chains, because there are CIS and trans isomerism(white fused alumina). If the CIS and trans structures of the polymer are randomly arranged on the molecular chain, there is no crystallization ability. The polymer can be synthesized by directional polymerization(high purity fused aluminum oxide). And the symmetry of Trans is better than that of CIS, so the polymer with trans chain structure has a stronger ability to product.

Poly (trichloroethylene) (PCE) synthesized by free radical polymerization has asymmetric carbon atoms in the main chain and irregular structure, but it can not form products and its crystallinity can reach 90%(silicon carbide abrasive). It is generally believed that the difference between the volume of chlorine atom and that of chlorine atom is small, which can still satisfy the regular arrangement of chain(aluminum oxide grit). The product forming ability of different kinds of polymers is very different.

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