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Best White Aluminum Oxide Lapping Compound France

That is to say(silicon carbide price), ion exchangers made from organic synthetic trees of polymers are called ion exchange resins and are divided into cation exchange resins and anion exchange resins. The cation exchange resin has acidic exchange groups, such as sulfonic acid group SOH, number acid group COO-H and so on(white fused alumina make company). Weakly basic anion exchange resins with amine (-NH2), secondary amine (=NH) and other exchange groups are weak domains.

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According to the strength of the exchange group it carries (that is(white fused alumina), the strength of this exchange group's dissociation ability in water), it can be divided into three types: strong acidity, medium acidity, and weak acidity. However, the chemical stability and heat resistance of these resins are inferior to those of strong acidic resin fingers(glass beads supplier), and the dissociation ability is low, the exchange speed is slow, and the exchange ability is low.

(best white aluminum oxide lapping compound france)It has strict requirements on the pH value of waterfront flow, and its effective pH value range is above 6. Strong acids: Strong acidic cation exchange resins with sulfuric acid steam (SOH) exchange groups, the most common body is vegetable ethylene = ethylene apple copolymer(green carborundum). Since this resin is processed with concentrated sulfuric acid, its sulfonic acid has the highest dissociation ability, because it is the most acidic one.

It can work in strong alkaline solution with pH=12, and is more stable to weak oxidants(white corundum). Domestic 732, strong acid T and strong acid 010 ion exchange resins belong to this category. Carrying a phosphate group (POH) or phosphorous acid group (POH4) exchange group is a medium acid cation exchange tree(black oxide aluminum). The carboxylic acid group or phenol group (-OH) exchange group is a weak acid cation exchange resin, so the economy is better.(best white aluminum oxide lapping compound france)

Currently the most widely used is the acrylic weakest cation exchange resin(brown fused alumina price). In addition, since the carboxylic acid group is easier to regenerate than the nitric acid group in the strong acid resin, the regeneration efficiency of the weakly acidic cation exchange tree is high, and the consumption of the regenerant is shown(silicon carbide companies). It is relatively stable to acid and alkali and various solution parts(also known as styrene type strong acid cation exchange resin).

(best white aluminum oxide lapping compound france)Its acidity is equivalent to sulfuric acid(black corundum). This type of tree refers to the inability to separate neutral salts and does not react with salts composed of CI, SO, etc. Such resins are not as widely used as strongly acidic resins, and are generally suitable for high alkalinity water(fused alumina). The anion exchange resin has a basic exchange group in the body, and can be divided into two types: strong basicity and cucurbitic acid according to the basicity of the cross flag group.

Strong base pushes quaternary amine groups (there are many types such as CHN(CH)C1(pink corundum), usually can be abbreviated as =Nx) basic exchange group is a strong basic ion exchange resin. This type of resin is currently commonly used in ethylene extraction strong basic anion exchange tree, such as domestic 711, 717 and strong base 201(arc fused alumina). Strong linear anion exchange resin has type I and difference. Therefore, it is widely used in the preparation of ground water.

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