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Best White Aluminum Oxide Powder Factory Sweden

Due to the fact that aluminum atoms are much larger than carbon atoms(white fused alumina), the lattice damage caused by the implantation and the impurities in the inactive state are more serious, so it is often necessary to conduct annealing at a relatively high substrate temperature and at a higher temperature(aluminum oxide abrasive). The decomposition rate and decomposition rate are the highest when the concentration of alumina in the stock solution is close to 100 g / L.

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At present(white aluminum oxide), there are still many problems in p-type ion implantation, and a series of process parameters from impurity selection to annealing temperature need to be optimized. High temperature is also conducive to avoid or reduce the formation of new crystal nucleus, at the same time, aluminum hydroxide crystallizes completely and has high strength(black silicon carbide).  Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively study the influence of various factors on the decomposition process.

(best white aluminum oxide powder factory sweden)White corundum abrasives are suitable for surface beautification treatment of various high-end products, processes or hardware products. After sandblasting, the surface is white without any impurities, so it is free from cleaning trouble. It can be used for solid and coated abrasives, wet or dry sand or spray sand(aluminum oxide grit). It is suitable for ultra fine grinding and polishing of crystal and electronic industry, as well as making advanced refractory materials.

With the decrease of the molecular ratio of the stock solution(silicon carbide abrasive), the decomposition rate, decomposition rate and unit productivity of the decomposition tank are significantly improved. Practice has proved that the decomposition rate is generally increased by about 3% for every 0.1 decrease in the molecular ratio of the decomposition solution(synthetic corundum). In the initial stage of decomposition, the saturation of solution is high and the decomposition speed is fast.

The effect of reducing the decomposition rate of molecular ratio is especially obvious in the initial stage of decomposition(green silicon carbide). There are many factors affecting the coefficient of heat transfer A2, but the main factors are the circulation speed of the solution, the flow rate of the falling liquid, and the value of the heating coefficient A2 increases(emery abrasive). Decomposition and dissolution are two processes of the same reversible reaction in different directions.(best white aluminum oxide powder factory sweden)

It is easy to distinguish secondary products from amorphous products in appearance(brown fused alumina price). Therefore, in contrast to dissolution, the factors that increase the solubility of the solution and even decrease the stability of the solution can accelerate the decomposition process(aluminium oxide polishing powder). However, the decomposition process not only requires a high decomposition rate, but also requires the product Al (OH) 3 to have a certain particle size and mechanical strength.

(best white aluminum oxide powder factory sweden)When other conditions are the same, the stability of sodium aluminate solution with medium concentration is the least, so the decomposition rate is faster(black aluminum oxide). The molecular ratio of the original solution is 1.45 ~ 1.55, the initial temperature is 62 ℃, the final temperature is 57 ℃, and the decomposition time is about 48 hours(black synthetic corundum). It can be seen that silicon slag is a kind of high quality alloy additive, which is very helpful for industrial cast iron.

This leads to the decomposition of silicon carbide on the wafer surface and the sublimation of silicon atoms(pink aluminum oxide). if the concentration is increased or decreased, both the decomposition rate and decomposition rate will be reduced. However, a slight increase in the concentration of Al2O3 is beneficial to increase the unit capacity of seed separation tank, reduce the material flow, and reduce the evaporation water and heat consumption(black alumina). Therefore, it is advantageous to adopt 155g / L Al2O3 concentration in our plant. 

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