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Best White Aluminum Oxide Rubbing Compound Germany

It is mainly composed of combustion chamber, carbonization chamber, furnace roof, chute, regenerator and small flue(pink aluminum oxide). Its use is under the condition of air isolation. The medium is heated to 950 ~ 1100 ℃, through dry distillation to obtain coke and other by-products. Under the same circumstances(arc fused alumina), type ⅡK-2K and type ⅡBP coke ovens generally have little splitting, but there are many cold caves, accounting for about 30%.

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By the end of 1976, there were more than 240 large-volume coke ovens in the world, of which more than 50 were built in Megmoto, West Germany and the Soviet Union(silicon carbide abrasive). China's self-developed high-volume coke oven with a height of 5.5 meters has been put into production in 1970, and various technical and economic indicators are good(fused alumina). Currently, Shanghai Baosteel is constructing a new iron coke oven with a carbonization chamber height of 6 meters.

The types of damage to the coke oven masonry are as follows: bulges and depressions in the walls of the carbonization chamber(white fused alumina), heart cracks, cold holes, slag corrosion and burn-through in the furnace head; "shearing", burns or burns in the lower lining of the chemical chamber Wear, displacement of the burning case in the roof area; damage to the over-bricks on the side(brown fused alumina manufacturer). The black furnace carbonization chamber and regenerative chamber work periodically.

The main reason for the damage of coke oven lining is thermal stress and mechanical wear, but the chemical erosion can not be ignored(white aluminum oxide). In particular, the furnace head bricks and furnace top of the machine and coke side are greatly affected by cold and heat, which becomes a weak link according to the furnace lining and the damage is even worse(black oxide aluminum). Construction of large-volume coke ovens can reduce capital investment and operating costs, and increase coke-burning output.

During the coking period, the actual temperature of the wall surface of the burning chamber is 1000 ~ 1100 ℃(white corundum). After the coking is started, the temperature of the brickwork gradually decreases, and it is only 500 ~ 600 ℃ after coal charging. The large fluctuations in temperature cause thermal stress in the brickwork(white fused alumina price), resulting in cracks in the furnace lining, loosening of the refractory brick structure and reduced strength.

Under the effect of thermal stress, the liner in the ramp area also cracks and gradually expands, which is prone to gas leakage(green silicon carbide). The mechanical rattan damage is related to the structure and operating conditions of the coke oven. The Soviet Union investigated more than 70 coke ovens of different types (ie, K, Wei K-2K and BP). Coke oven is a kind of thermal equipment with complex structure and continuous production, accounting for about 60% of the total(black silicon carbide).

During coal charging and coke pushing, the furnace wall and bottom of the carbonization chamber are subject to large mechanical wear and impact(brown fused alumina price). When the coke push rod is deformed and there is too much coal, it will lead to the deformation of the furnace wall, seat damage and stuck damage, as well as the damage of the bottom furnace and the side bricks of the coke and displacement of the combustion chamber(glass beads supplier).

The mechanical damage of the coke ovens is as follows(black aluminum oxide): IK coke ovens with a furnace age of more than 25 years and the furnace wall of the central fire tunnel area deformed Accounted for 28%, and 15% of the deformation on the coke side 4 ~ 5 fire tunnel area accounted for 15%; the shearing of the wall structure of the IlK coke oven furnace was(brown fused aluminium oxide): 12% for 10 years old, and 15 to 17 years old 80%, 20 to 21 years old is greater than 50%.

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