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Best White Aluminum Oxide Sand Manufacturers Belarus

The bad materials of good mixing quality should be(white fused alumina): each component should be evenly divided (including particles of different raw materials, particles of different sizes of the same raw material and moisture, etc .; the combination of bad materials should be fully exerted; the air should be fully excluded; The degree of re-crushing is small(glass bead blasting media suppliers). It is generally made of manganese steel and is fixed on the wheel hub for easy disassembly and replacement.

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Although it has the disadvantages of heavy equipment, crushed granules in the mixing process and large power consumption(brown fused alumina price), the mixed mud has porosity due to the better alkali pressure kneading effect. The advantages of low, compact and easy to form, are still widely used mixing equipment in refractory factories. Scrapers can be installed at different levels, and can be adjusted downward after wear(synthetic corundum). Because the lower drive type is more convenient for feeding and discharging, it is widely used.

Wet mill is a mixing equipment that works intermittently(silicon carbide abrasive). Only when the proportion of the billet is appropriate and the mixing quality is good, can you obtain the billet of good quality. The wet mill is a mixing device that uses carbon wheels and rolling discs to rotate the mud to maintain pressure, knead and grip. The grinding disc and the vertical main shaft are assembled together and rotate together with the main shaft(steel grid). The wheel is composed of a wheel hub and a wheel rim.

When the rolling disc rotates, the materials and binders of various components are added to the rolling disc one after another according to the process requirements(green silicon carbide). The grinding wheel revolves around its own horizontal axis depending on the friction of the materials. At the edge of the disc, the material is turned under the roller by the turning scraper, and the alkali pressure, stirring and kneading are repeated repeatedly(emery abrasive). Install near the enclosure. The wet mill is an old mixing equipment.

When the mud is dense and mixed evenly, the mud will be discharged by the discharge device(black silicon carbide). The mixing time depends on the different muds. Generally, a mixing cycle takes about 8 to 25 minutes. The wet mill can be divided into two types: rotary type and disc type(garnet abrasive). Most of the small wet carbon machines are rotary type; while the large wet mills are mostly disc rotary type, which can be divided into two types of upper transmission and lower transmission.

The skeleton supporting the horizontal axis of the microwheel is made of cast iron(aluminum oxide abrasive). Wet mill is composed of rolling disc, rolling wheel, bracket, material turning scraper, discharging device, transmission device and outer cover. Usually cast in cast iron(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). In order to protect the rolling disc, a removable fan-shaped lining plate made of manganese steel is installed on the bottom of the disc, and a steel plate lining is also installed on the inner side of the disc edge. The wheel rim is a wearing part.

In order to increase the contact area of the grinding wheel to the mud and improve the mixing effect, the two grinding wheels are installed at different positions from the center of the grinding disc(aluminum oxide grit). The horizontal axis of the grinding wheel is supported on the bracket and can float up and down(garnet suppliers). There is a gap between the carbon wheel and the grinding disc 50 ~ 80mm spacing to reduce the particles in the mud being crushed again during the mixing process.

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