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The main valence force is the chemical force, which is a strong force(aluminum oxide abrasive). The main valence force is also called the main valence bond or chemical bond. Chemical bonds are divided into ionic bonds and covalent bonds. The range of the covalent bond is very small, about 0.1-0.2nm, and it has strong directivity(white fused aluminum oxide refractory). The energy of the covalent bond is higher, and its bond energy rapidly decreases to zero as the distance increases. It includes van der Waals force and chlorine bond. 

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The secondary valence force is a physical force, which is a weaker force(brown fused aluminum oxide). Van der Waals force is a general term for dispersion force, induced force, and dipole force. The hydrogen bond is generated by the electronegative atoms sharing protons. Ionic bonds exist in dry ionic compounds, and the magnitude and direction of electrostatic forces between ionic bonds are related to the crystal structure(brown fused alumina micro). The increase and decrease of the distance is also much slower than the covalent bond.

The action distance of the hydrogen bond is greater than that of van der Waals force, and it decreases more slowly with the distance(white corundum). However, the oxygen bond is limited to a few atoms. Scientists have proposed based on the experimental basis of the mechanical, physical, chemical and electrostatic forces that produce bonding(brown alumina abrasive). This electrostatic force may also occur between the polar molecules of the adhesive and the surface of the ionic solid.

The distance between the molecules of the adherend and the adhesive can only be within 0.2-0.4nm(aluminum oxide blasting grit). The magnitude of the secondary valence force is the same due to the polarity between the molecules. When the two molecules are polar, the color force, inducing force and dipole force work together(white corundum price). When the two molecules are non-polar and polar molecules, respectively, the dispersive force and inducing force work. The energy of the secondary bond is smaller than that of the covalent bond.

For many years, the adsorption potential of chemical bonds and hydrogen bonds has been higher than that of van der Waals secondary bonds, so chemical bonds are the desired state of the bonding interface(white fused alumina). A variety of forces are generated, otherwise no combination can be generated. It is also the reason for increasing the appropriate pressure while using liquid adhesive or molten adhesive during the bonding process(white fused alumina abrasives). The main current theories are briefly introduced below. 

The molecules on both sides are nonpolar In the case of, only the dispersion force works(aluminum oxide grit). Many scholars have conducted long-term explorations and hope to find a theory that can explain all the bonding phenomena, but until now it has not been successful. Various bonding theories can be explained(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). These theories can only explain part of the bonding vision from different sides, but they cannot explain all lattice connections. This effect is called a throwing effect seat.

The surface of any object looks very smooth even with the naked eye, but it is still very rough when magnified(white aluminum oxide). Some surfaces are porous. Under pressure or other conditions, the adhesive has fluidity and is easy to diffuse and penetrate. The tiny traps and pores on the surface of the stick search material, after curing, stand there like a shop(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). The bonding force of this interface is a mechanical force, so it is called Theory of mechanical bonding.

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