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While pouring molten ice stone into the electrolytic cell, power on and start the electrolytic cell(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). The advantages of liquid aluminum sintering are prominent, that is, the method is simple and easy to operate, and there is no need to add any other temporary facilities(white aluminium oxide powder). After sintering, the temperature distribution in the electrolytic cell is uneven. 

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The above requirements are high and the operation is difficult(brown fused alumina suppliers). It has little advantages compared with coke particle melting. After a large number of applications of the new coke particle sintering automatic method in the past few years, its own shortcomings have gradually emerged(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand). This method uses flame to heat between cathode and anode, so combustible materials and burners are required(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). 

There are impurities in it(sandblasting sand), so it is difficult to guarantee the composition of the right instrument(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). The fuel initial burning method can control the heating speed by adjusting the burner, the heating speed is well controllable, and the temperature distribution can be controlled by moving the heater, so that the temperature of the cathode surface rises slowly and uniformly(white fused alumina manufacturers).

Firstly, due to the small resistance of molten aluminum, slow temperature rise and long melting and winding time, the wrong liquid culture firing start-up method has high energy consumption and low efficiency(aluminum oxide supplier). Secondly, the molten aluminum first contacts with the cathode surface, and defects and small cracks are generated on the cathode surface during the sintering process(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). 

However(high purity fused aluminum oxide), there will be no serious local overheating of the cathode(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers); Because the surface of the rigid pole is covered with a layer of lead liquid, the cathode carbon block will not be oxidized during the burning process, and some high residual electricity can be used for general melting and burning, which is conducive to reducing the production cost(garnet abrasive suppliers). After startup, the electrolyte is clean and free of inclusions, saving labor and materials.

Firstly, it is filled by the molten metal aluminum, due to the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the metal aluminum and the change of electrolytic temperature(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). At the same time, thermal insulation cover shall be added on the anode to make high-temperature gas stay in the tank and prevent cold air from entering(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). In addition, the price of graphite powder is high and the cost of melting electrolyte is too high(white aluminum oxide blast media). 

At present, it is rarely used(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). The low melting and burning temperature in China also causes incomplete burning of cathode seam binding paste and edge perimeter binding paste(black silicon carbide). With the popularization and use of large-scale pre molten aluminum electrolytic cell, especially the increase of the length of large-scale pre molten lead electrolytic cell, the aluminum filling operation becomes complex and difficult(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). 

After startup(aluminum oxide suppliers usa), the temperature rises sharply, and the temperature rise ladder is too large, resulting in large internal stress, resulting in cracks, and the metal lead liquid enters the cracks, thus damaging the heat balance of the electrolytic cell, accelerating the heat irradiation and cold shrinkage of metal aluminum and the change frequency of electrolytic temperature, which in turn accelerates the penetration of aluminum liquid(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers).

In addition(white aluminum oxide grit), the single measure cost of large-scale pre cultured aluminum electrolytic cell has increased significantly(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). Pursuing a longer service life of electrolytic measures to reduce the cost of raw aluminum is one of the main objectives of modern electrolytic plants(how to choose white fused alumina). The abnormal period after start-up is a transitional period for the lead electrolysis cell to gradually establish normal production technical conditions.

Therefore(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), like the coke pellet sintering method, the cathode acid block gradually increases from normal temperature and first contacts with the liquid electrolyte, so that the block depression and small cracks on the cathode surface during the melting and sintering process will be filled by the electrolyte(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). Although molten aluminum has the above advantages, its shortcomings are also prominent(china brown fused alumina manufacturers).

The Guangxi branch of China Lead Industry Co., Ltd. cooperated with Chongqing University to take the lead in conducting industrial test research materials for the fuel sintering method in China(green silicon carbide). Therefore, it will effectively prevent the penetration of aluminum liquid in the normal electrolysis process and protect the cathode, that is, it will have a favorable impact on the service life of electrolytic cotton(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). 

The fuel smelting system using fuel burning includes a burner(aluminium oxide powder), a fuel injector and fuel supply system, air pipes and fuel pipes(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). The aluminum plant of Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. is the first to develop and apply the "coking grain cultivation-electrolyte diffuse start-up technology" in large-scale pre-cultivation(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). In August 1989, the technology was used on 15 A pre-cultivation tanks purchased from Japan's Chiba Plant.

Graphite powder is an accessory product for the production of stone electrodes(aluminum oxide blast media). Ten years later (1999), it passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements in Gansu Province. Eliminates the anode adjustment work in the resistance firing process, and the firing operation environment is significantly improved(sandblasting abrasive): the firing of the side ladder can achieve the effect that other compensation methods cannot achieve(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers).

The uneven current distribution results in uneven surface temperature of the bright electrode(aluminium oxide blasting grit), which may cause local overheating(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). Since then, with the rapid promotion and application of large-scale pre-cultured aluminum electrolytic cells in my country, the new type of other grain sintering start-up method has been quickly promoted and applied throughout the country, which has replaced molten aluminum sintering(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers).

The alternating effect of solidification and melting of the metallic aluminum that penetrates the small cracks of the cathode will further expand the small cracks(china aluminum oxide sandblasting), enhance the penetration of the miscellaneous liquid, and accelerate the penetration of the molten aluminum into the internal material, which will lead to the early damage of the electrolytic cell(and the self-cultivation aluminum electrolytic cell has been gradually adopted)(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). 

In addition(wholesale brown fused alumina), this method is not good for the burnt of the perivertebral puncture (artificial leg): there are many electrolyte alkaline residues after starting, and the carbon residue needs to be removed, which is labor and material. uses soft connection technology and shunt device to enhance the adjustment of current distribution, but the adjustment effect is limited(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). Cause early damage or short service life of electrolytic cell(vietnam aluminum oxide).

During the firing process(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting), since the temperature gradient between the cathode surface and the cathode body is small, the thermal stress is small, which is beneficial to prevent the formation of cracks on the cathode surface: because it is completely sealed during firing, the emission of radiant heat and pitch smoke is reduced(aluminum oxide blast media canada). In addition, at this time, the electrolyte molecules are relatively high, generally above 28(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers).

The electrolyte first poured in during the domestic start-up can fill the cathode lining and the cracks caused by the sintering of the solid paste at the edge(aluminium oxide blast media). After the start-up, the electrolyte is cleaned, and there is no need to remove the carbon residue(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). Countries such as the U.S. Judgment and Diversion Judgment have successively conducted experimental studies on fuel burning and obtained good results(best white corundum 150 mesh suppliers). 

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