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Best White Corundum Sand Manufacturers China

According to different kinds of products, the firing temperature curve should be made reasonably(white fused alumina). The allowable values of heating speed and cooling speed depend on the stress action on the brick during firing or cooling. The stress comes from two aspects(aluminum oxide abrasive): one is caused by the temperature gradient and thermal expansion or contraction during firing; the other is caused by the physical and chemical changes inside the product.

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The maximum firing temperature of refractory products is mainly determined by the type of products, the nature of raw materials used and the performance requirements of products under the service conditions(white aluminum oxide). In the actual production, the linear change value of the heating of the brick can be measured as the basis for determining the heating speed of each temperature range and making a reasonable firing curve(aluminum oxide grit). The purer the raw material, the higher the grade, the higher the firing temperature.

When the products are required to have high corrosion resistance, slag resistance and impact resistance in use, the firing temperature should also be increased(white corundum). Generally, the firing temperature of various refractory products is 1200-1450 ℃ for clay products, 1400-1550 ℃ for high aluminum products, 1380-1430 ℃ for silica bricks, 1500-1600 ℃ for magnesia products and 1700 ℃ for basic products(synthetic corundum). In the stage of producing the above-mentioned stress, the speed of rising and cooling should be slow.

Generally speaking, the longer the holding time is, the fuller the sintering will be(brown fused alumina price). For example, when the silica brick is fired, the reducing atmosphere is required in the high temperature stage, while the magnesia brick needs weak oxidation atmosphere. The best atmosphere for alumina products is carbon monoxide or hydrogen(emery abrasive). The charging method and quality have a close relationship with the operation of the kiln and the quality of the products.

The first process of firing(silicon carbide abrasive). But if the holding time is too long, not only the fuel consumption will increase, but also the products will be deformed. Therefore, the appropriate holding time should be determined according to various factors. The atmosphere during sintering includes oxidation atmosphere, neutral atmosphere, reduction atmosphere, inert atmosphere, etc.(brown fused alumina micro), which should be controlled according to the sintering requirements.

Because carbon containing products avoid carbon oxidation, they are required to be fired in the reducing atmosphere isolated from air(green silicon carbide). The firing process includes three processes: loading, firing and discharging. The shape quality of the products shall be maintained during the operation of discharging from the kiln, and the qualified products shall be the finished products(aluminum oxide blasting grit). The holding time is the same as the highest firing temperature, which is an important factor in firing.

It has a direct impact on the heat transfer rate of the products in the kiln, the size of the combustion space and the uniform distribution of the air flow(black silicon carbide). It also has a bearing on the firing time and the consumption of the materials. The firing of refractory products is generally carried out in various intermittent or continuous firing kilns. Intermittent kilns include reverse flame kilns and shuttle kilns, while continuous kilns include tunnel kilns(white aluminium oxide blasting media). Maximum firing temperature and holding time.

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