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Best White Corundum Wholesale Price Malaysia

The selection and preparation of refractory materials for blast furnace tapping should pay attention to the following issues(silicon carbide price): the particle size of burnt or fused alumina, greater than 1.5 mm, should account for more than 75% of the common amount to enhance high temperature profile resistance(brown fused alumina suppliers); the carbonaceous material can be natural graphite or amorphous carbon, and the particle size should also be less than 0.3 mm.

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Is divided into fixed type and replacement type in terms of use(green carborundum). The blast furnace ditch of more than 4000 meters is replaced, and the lining can pass through the molten iron volume without repairing 25,000-45,000 tons, after repairing or spraying 2 to 6 times, the total passing molten iron volume is about 100,000 tons(brown fused alumina 60 grit); the main iron ditch was directly washed by the molten iron, less than 2000 The iron ditch of the blast furnace of rice is generally fixed.

The lining can pass through the molten iron without repairing(white fused alumina). The amount of molten iron is 30,000 to 40,000 tons. If it is repaired 3-4 times, Silicon carbide acts as a filler and forms a matrix for the trench material, so the particle size should be less than 3.4 mm, of which less than 0.15 mm should account for more than 60%(silicon carbide companies); due to the reduction of the molten iron flow rate, the damage is slowed down, it can reach about 90,000 tons.

According to the investigation and research on the damage of the lining of the main iron ditch of the blast furnace in Japan, and the damage was more serious(white aluminum oxide). The corrosion rate of the ditch lining near the iron outlet is generally (6.0 ~ 8.5) × 10 mm / Seconds, and proportional to the 1.9 power of molten iron and the 2 power of slag(garnet abrasive). The lining of the second half of the main iron ditch, and its erosion rate is (1, 5 ~ 2.0) × 10 mm / sec.

The pouring construction method (N-Cast method), the vibrator of the core mold vibration molding method is installed in the core mold, saves 4/5 working hours(white corundum), and the trench material has a lot of moisture; the core mold vibration forming method (VF method) and the core mold dry vibration forming method (SVP method) have been applied to the iron ditch instead of the ramming construction method(garnet suppliers).

In addition, in recent years, Japan ’s Nippon Steel Corporation(brown fused alumina price), Kurosaki Kiln Co., and Shinagawa Refractories Co., Ltd. have developed this liner in order to improve the service life of the blast furnace tapping liner and improve the construction and operating conditions(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The N-Cast method uses a vibrator inserted into the trench material to directly vibrate, when vibration is expected It flows and gradually densifies.

After the vibration is stopped, the trench material is formed and solidified(black aluminum oxide). The difference between the VF method and the SVP method is that the core mold structure is different. In addition, the former has a water content of 4 to 6% for the shirt material, using the low-moisture trench material thixotropy, while the latter can be used without water, after molding(steel grid). The service life can be doubled and the consumption of refractories is reduced by I / 3.

When using refractory castable as the lining for the iron ditch, it needs to be cured for 1 to 2 hours and dried for 7 to 8 hours(pink aluminum oxide); if the lining is constructed with refractory vibrating material, it takes only 5.5 hours. It can be used after molding, but the dust is too large and needs Add traces of liquid oils. Compared with the ramming construction method(brown fused alumina factory), the method shortens the construction time to 1/10, and has good quality.

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