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The bottom of the furnace, the hearth and the middle of the body are all made of mullite bricks and were put into production in December 1975(arc fused alumina). The mud used to block the iron outlet is squeezed in by a mud gun, so this kind of mud is also called gun mud. Due to the good cooling effect and stable operation, the solidification depth of molten iron is only 80 mm(silicon carbide grit suppliers), and even the entire furnace bottom is retained.

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It is well known that this furnace has been used without repairs and has been used in three furnaces(black aluminum oxide). When the large-scale blast furnace No. 1 of the French network was overhauled in October 1980, and the upper layer of the British blast furnace bottom was also constructed with mullite bricks(silicon carbide companies). Therefore, the full carbon bricks close to the cooling layer are often retained during the overhaul, and a thickness of 2.8 meters.

The part above the 1150 ℃ isotherm of the blast furnace is a working village, which is often eroded; the part below 1150 ℃ isotherm is non-working lining(pink aluminum oxide). It produces a furnace with little damage. For example, the No. 3 blast furnace hearth of a certain plant of Amco Iron & Steel Company of the United States has a diameter of 9 meters(glass beads supplier), the upper layer of the furnace bottom was constructed with one-meter-thick mullite bricks.

In addition, the No. 4 blast furnace in Dunkirk plant in France has a capacity of 4580 meters(silicon carbide price). In order to strengthen the bottom cooling and extend the service life, an air-cooled all-carbon brick furnace bottom, graphite materials with excellent thermal conductivity are widely used at present(black oxide aluminum). These blast furnace mullite brick linings are used better because they have better resistance to molten iron erosion. 

It is estimated that 15 million tons of iron can be produced(white fused alumina); the blast furnaces of Anshan Steel and Benxi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in China also retain part of the fully covered carbon brick furnace bottom. Better, save carbon bricks, and speed up the construction progress. Blast furnace bottoms and hearths are made of carbon bricks, and burn-through accidents rarely occur(carborundum powder). The throughput of molten iron is generally ~ 60,000 tons.

The British patent introduces a furnace bottom structure type, which is divided into three layers(white aluminum oxide): the upper layer is semi-graphite brick with a thickness of 600 mm and the thermal conductivity is 20 kcal / m · h · C; the middle layer is Shiyu brick with a thickness of 1200 mm, The thermal conductivity is 0 kcal / m · h · ℃(green carborundum); the lower layer is carbon brick, the thickness is 600 mm, and the thermal conductivity. The service life is 12 to 18 years or longer.

The coefficient is 4 kcal / m · h · ℃(white corundum). The total thickness of the furnace bottom is 2.4 meters, and the performance of operation and use is good, but the cost is too high and not economical. In the future, the construction type and material of the high-energy furnace bottom will develop towards a comprehensive furnace bottom with cooling facilities and graphite brick cushions(fused alumina), and it is possible to use several furnaces without repair.

According to the literature, for this reason, the United States designed a preformed ring carbon for the furnace bottom and hearth(brown fused alumina price), and the bottom shape of the pot after construction is good. That is to say, as long as the design of the bottom structure is reasonable, the carbonaceous materials are properly selected(aluminum oxide blasting), the construction is careful, and the blast furnace process operation system is strict, it is entirely possible to achieve long life of the bottom lining.

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