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Best White Fused Alumina Manufacturer In Malaysia

white fused alumina blasting abrasive is refined by using high quality white corundum as raw material and using modern new and unique technology. The product has moderate hardness, high toughness, good self-sharpness, low sand consumption, can be recycled and reused, and good abrasive finish; and its chemical composition is stable, wear-resistant, and acid-base resistant.

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The white aluminum oxide abrasive shell-shaped fracture has sharp edges and corners, which can form new edges and edges during continuous crushing and grading, making its grinding ability better than other abrasives. At the same time, the sandblasting and rust removal are used to clean the workpiece. The aluminum oxide abrasive process of sandblasting the workpiece material is to decontaminate the stainless steel surface, remove welding slag and matte effect.(best white fused alumina manufacturer in malaysia)

Deoxidation of brown fused alumina price workpieces, surface strengthening, light decoration, matte effect of deoxidation of copper workpieces, frosted and engraved patterns of glass products, matte effects of plastic products, plush processing and effect patterns of special fabrics such as denim. It can also be used as grinding, aluminum oxide grit polishing materials, precision casting, spraying materials, chemical catalyst carriers, special ceramics, advanced refractory materials, etc.

(best white fused alumina manufacturer in malaysia)black corundum is made of high-quality alumina powder and refined by electrofusion. Its hardness is slightly higher than that of brown corundum, its toughness is slightly lower, its purity is high, its self-sharpness is good, its grinding ability is strong, its heat output is small, and its efficiency is high , Acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability. It is used to make aluminium oxide blasting abrasive tools, suitable for grinding high carbon steel, high speed steel, etc.

Features: The use of imported pink corundum to ensure high quality of the product; complete testing methods, the establishment of a nationally recognized laboratory, to ensure the stability of quality; passed ISO9001 certification, strict management; corundum due to different pigment ions contained in different Color, the main products are two kinds of white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit and brown alumina, then what are the differences between white alumina and brown alumina?(best white fused alumina manufacturer in malaysia)

The difference between white corundum and brown corundum: white corundum is made of high-quality alumina powder and refined by capacitors; brown corundum is made of bauxite, iron filings, and anthracite, and is smelted in an electric furnace. The difference between white corundum and brown corundum: silicon carbide abrasive is mainly used in: ceramic manufacturing, resin abrasive tools, and sandblasting, polishing, grinding, precision casting and advanced refractory materials.

green silicon carbide is mainly used in: abrasive wheels, sandblasting, free Grinding, coated abrasives, functional fillers, filter media, refractory materials. In particular, it has the advantages of high hardness, high specific gravity, stable chemical properties, and its unique self-sharpness. It has become the first choice for abrasives for sandblasting processes; the difference in density between white and brown corundum: white fused aluminum oxide general abrasive density has bulk density and There are two kinds of true density.

(best white fused alumina manufacturer in malaysia)Sand blasting abrasive has the characteristics of short grinding time, high efficiency, good efficiency and low price. The black silicon carbide bulk density is the density after the abrasive fills the container, and the true density is the density measured under vacuum. The bulk density of white corundum: 1.53 ~ 1.99g / cm3, the true density of black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media: 3.95 ~ 4.0g / cm3.

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