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Best White Fused Aluminum Oxide Refractory Poland

After the working lining is completely damaged(silicon carbide price), several heats of steel can be smelted without damaging the permanent lining; generally, the above schemes are not adopted in the United States and Japan wood and other countries, which can shorten the furnace building time and improve the equipment turnover rate(arc fused alumina). Therefore, it is necessary to replace one or two times in a furnace, which is adopted in many countries.

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In order to improve the level of furnace building mechanization, Japan, the United States and the Soviet Union and other countries have designed and manufactured more complex furnace building machines(green carborundum). One working lining at the furnace bottom shall be built vertically with pear shaped or cross shaped bricks, and all around shall be leveled with alkaline fire ramming materials; the working lining of furnace wall can be built horizontally or spirally with one or two layers of bricks(fused alumina). 

When using two layers of bricks as working lining, it is better to use checkerboard type biting to work together(brown fused alumina price). In West Germany and some Western European countries, a 50 mm thick integral layer is rammed between the permanent lining and working lining, so as to reduce the damage of permanent lining and furnace shell caused by the expansion of working lining(aluminum oxide blasting media). The new lining of oxygen converter can only be used after baking.

Each shift requires 13 workers(black aluminum oxide). Generally, basic refractory ramming materials are used to tamp the upper edge of the furnace mouth and around the brick masonry of the steel outlet, so as to enhance the stability of the furnace lining. The machine is called retractable furnace building machine(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). With the help of lifting mechanism, the tray carrying refractory bricks is fed into the furnace from the furnace mouth or furnace bottom, and then masonry is carried out.

A mobile platform is arranged between the furnace mouth and the furnace shell cooler for transporting bricks or repairing furnace mouth components(pink aluminum oxide). The retractable furnace building machine is simple in structure and convenient in operation, the trolley for installation mainly supports the furnace building machine and moves it in the water square direction(white aluminium oxide super fine). In fact, about 130 bricks per hour are made of boron, equivalent to 350 kg of bricks per person per hour.

The furnace building machine has the advantages of large weight and high investment(white fused alumina), but it has the following advantages: the basic brick is directly sent to the working face by the slide plate, the workers operate simply, the masonry speed is fast, and the labor intensity is low; when the size of the brick does not meet the masonry requirements, it can be processed on site, saving time(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). The masonry capacity of the machine is large, and 1200 bricks can be laid at most per hour.

The designed bricklaying capacity is 500-720 pieces / hour(white aluminum oxide). The equipment and functions of each part are as follows: the brick conveying device is composed of push, roller platform, belt conveyor, free balance arm and turning hand, which can transport various types of bricks to the tower furnace building machine; with a walking speed of 2 m / S(low sodium white fused alumina); The tower furnace building machine includes a lifting rotary machine, a belt conveyor, a rotary chassis and a push rod, etc.

The spiral masonry method does not need to lock bricks and saves working hours, which is especially suitable for the detachable bottom converter(white corundum). Firebricks are stacked on the chassis and transported to the working face of furnace wall with the help of push rod. In addition, brick cutter and dust removal device are also installed(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). The lift pair of tower furnace building machine works with the aid of winch T, with the maximum stroke of 19 meters.

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