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Black Aluminium Oxide Grains Manufacturers USA

At the same time, it is also required that the connecting agent is easy to remove(arc fused alumina). Screen printing on metal is inseparable from metallic screen printing ink. The ink used for metallic screen printing is also called metallic ink conventionally. Although this can be done, this ink is generally not produced by a regular ink factory(glass bead abrasive). Nowadays, some inks on the market do not need to be blended and used directly.

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According to its purpose, metallic ink can be divided into ordinary metallic ink and corrosion-resistant metallic ink(silicon carbide companies). Pay attention to the grinding of the squeegee that is frequently used, and remove the ink on the surface of the squeegee when grinding the squeegee(aluminium oxide polishing powder). When grinding, which have low solubility for polymers, the scraper should be parallel and perpendicular to the grinding belt and not shake.

(black aluminium oxide grains manufacturers usa)Connecting agent is the main material for film formation(brown fused alumina), and the anti-corrosion performance and release performance of resist ink are determined by the connecting agent. Therefore, the connecting agent of the anti-corrosion ink is required to have chemical properties such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, and antioxidant(garnet abrasive price). The main function of the solvent is to dissolve the required polymer when preparing the ink.

The role of the colorant makes the ink have color to facilitate the identification of whether the quality of the printed image and text is qualified(brown fused alumina price). At the same time, it is also required that the connecting agent has a certain degree of hardness and heat resistance after drying, and can withstand the pressure of the etching liquid sprayed by the etching machine(steel shot abrasive), it can be mixed with real solvent or co-solvent.(black aluminium oxide grains manufacturers usa)

mainly include: aliphatic hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, alcohols, diethanol fans, etc(white alumina). Rough grinding and fine grinding are the same as manual grinding. After each final printing, the scraper should be cleaned and stored in a dry and heat-free place. If the height of the exposed part of the scraper is less than 15mm, a new scraper should be replaced in time(glass beads manufacturers). This requires the use of a thinner corresponding to the ink to thin the ink.

(black aluminium oxide grains manufacturers usa)According to the solvent's ability to dissolve polymers(pink corundum), it can be divided into three categories: true solvents, which can be used alone and effectively dissolve polymers; co-solvents, and can be used in conjunction with other solvents to give full play to their Effectiveness(glass beads supplier); diluent, although it cannot dissolve polymer. The resist is guaranteed not to fall off or deform under heating and etching conditions.

Such as various diluents, slow drying agents, driers, defoamers, etc.(silicon carbide price), or other auxiliary components designed to improve the corrosion resistance and printability of inks. The ink produced by the regular ink manufacturer has a relatively high viscosity and needs to be diluted with a thinner before it can be used for screen printing(fused alumina). The colorant used here generally uses inorganic materials and rarely uses organic dyes.(black aluminium oxide grains manufacturers usa)

Ink thinner is also called standard solvent, which is basically the same as the internal solvent composition of the ink(green carborundum). For metal anti-corrosion inks, during the screen printing process of the thinned ink, the diluent in the ink evaporates quickly, and the ink on the screen ink surface will become thicker and thicker(black oxide aluminum), resulting in sticking and blocking of the network, causing the substrate to be printed The printed graphics are not clear.

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