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Black Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers In China

There are few materials cut by light weight grinding, which can only play the role of surface pre-processing or workpiece finishing, such as polishing, deburring, silicon carbide price, etc. when light weight grinding, the belt grinding speed is faster. Weight grinding plays a role in rough and fine machining of workpiece, which has the advantages of high cutting rate, small cutting heat, small deformation of aluminium oxide abrasive grit workpiece, easy to control flatness and surface roughness.

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In addition to the introduction of pink aluminum oxide belt grinding method in the previous chapter, the following points should also be noted: grinding depth when belt grinding, because the contact wheel is elastic, the feeding depth is different from the actual depth, and the ratio is about 3:10. There are two basic applications of belt grinding: light weight grinding and weight grinding. The contact wheel grinding and aluminum oxide blasting abrasive free grinding introduced above are two major processes of belt grinding.

(black aluminium oxide manufacturers in china)Profiling control is to properly control the feed speed of tangent direction in grinding within a certain range, so that the brown aluminium oxide workpiece corresponds to the profiling template for grinding; sizing is to properly control the feed speed of workpiece according to the change of workpiece width and machining allowance, and control the normal green carborundum grinding resistance to a certain extent, and maintain the grinding residual amount to a certain value (no Zero value).

Machining allowance is generally 0.04-0.08 mm for belt grinding. Abrasive belt grinding can improve the white alumina machining accuracy, which is controlled by profiling and sizing. The initial grinding position of the new belt is more than that of the old belt, so the initial grinding position of the new belt cannot be fixed. Instead, it is necessary to rotate the initial feed from the left and right ends of the aluminium oxide blasting workpiece to avoid the taper of the workpiece.(black aluminium oxide manufacturers in china)

Also, the geometric accuracy can be improved by white fused alumina measuring the outer diameter frequently and identifying the largest outer circle, where the new belt is initially fed, or grinding repeatedly. In order to improve the surface roughness of workpiece, no feed grinding can be used for 3 to 4 times at the end of fine grinding. When the aluminum oxide grit surface roughness value before grinding is higher than ra2.55m, the machining allowance can be slightly more.

(black aluminium oxide manufacturers in china)In addition, because the brown fused alumina price cutting edge of the new belt is very sharp and different in height, only a part of the cutting edge works, which affects the surface roughness of the workpiece. Therefore, the belt must be trimmed to make all the cutting edges processed. The former is suitable for rough grinding, semi-fine grinding and fine grinding, while the latter is also used for semi-fine grinding and silicon carbide companies fine grinding, but mainly for polishing.

The surface roughness value before free polishing is RA 1.255m-rao.635m, and the white aluminum oxide machining allowance is 0.01-0.02MM. There are two finishing methods: wrap the old abrasive belt around the round wood bar, hold the wood bar with your hand, and then grind the new abrasive belt rotating on the contact wheel with appropriate force; in the semi-fine grinding process, take the selected new aluminum oxide abrasive belt into grinding work, and wait for the cutting edge to be slightly blunt, and replace it for final fine grinding.(black aluminium oxide manufacturers in china)

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