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Black Aluminum Oxide 70 Grit Abrasive Media Manufacturers

The development of tabular brown fused alumina in China can be roughly divided into four stages: initial contact stage, understanding development stage, trial production stage and development and expansion stage. In the 1970s, WISCO 07 project adopted the high alumina brick produced with the American plate aluminum oxide abrasive as the raw material, so that the domestic refractory industry came into contact with the plate corundum.

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With the commencement of Baosteel construction, the brown aluminum oxide production technology of some high-grade refractory products was introduced, such as skateboard, continuous casting three pieces, etc. due to the production needs, the plate corundum must be imported from the American aluminum industry as the main raw material. Through nearly ten years of R & D and the cooperation of many enterprises and technicians, the industrialization, silicon carbide companies scale and localization of sintered tabular corundum are finally realized.

In 1992, Alcoa presented a batch of granular materials to Luoyang Refractories Research Institute. After that, Alcoa introduced the brown aluminium oxide product to China and promoted its application. Due to the technical control of Alcoa, it is difficult for domestic enterprises to obtain their production technology. In order to promote the development of national industry, China Refractory Industry Association attaches great importance to the development of aluminum oxide grit, and the "Eighth Five Year Plan" and "Ninth Five Year Plan" are all important topics.

Domestic scientific research institutes and brown fused alumina price production units have also carried out continuous exploration. From the 1990s, Professor Shen Jiyao's research group of Tianjin University and technicians of Meihekou grinding wheel factory conducted electrofusion test, and passed the technical appraisal. However, due to the limitations of the use technology, the product performance and physical and chemical indexes failed to meet the use requirements, so the aluminum oxide blasting abrasive market supply has not been formed.

The development of tabular white alumina in China can be roughly divided into four stages: initial contact stage, understanding development stage, trial production stage and development and expansion stage. At the same time, Shandong Aluminum industry has built a 200mm shaft kiln to produce sintered plate corundum. In 1996, a new material factory in Jinan built a 400mm diameter shaft kiln to produce sintered plate aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit on the basis of Shandong Aluminum Industry test.

After in-depth analysis by the Institute, we have a thorough understanding of plate-shaped pink corundum. On the basis of extensive investigation and research, Hanzhong New Material Co., Ltd. established a sintering plate corundum production line with an annual output of 4000 tons in 2001, which is mainly composed of Luoyang Refractory Research Institute and Shaanxi Metallurgical Design Institute, in combination with synthetic corundum price technical personnel of Jinan new material factory.

As the technical know-how of producing plate silicon carbide price in high temperature shaft kiln has not been explored, and the industrial production of sintered corundum has not been realized, the product is still monopolized by Alcoa. In September 2002, Hanzhong NEW Material Co., Ltd. produced products that meet the user's requirements and opened the large scale of sintering plate alumina grit localization The prelude to mass production.

Since Qinyuan New Material Co., Ltd. successfully commissioned the production of sintered plate green carborundum, Zibo began to build the production line of plate corundum in October 2003. In 2005, Jiangsu began to build the production line of sintered plate-shaped corundum shaft kiln; in 2009-2011, an enterprise in Zhejiang built a plate-shaped corundum production line every year, so far, the annual production capacity of plate-shaped 180 grit aluminum oxide is at least 40000 tons.

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