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Black Aluminum Oxide 70 Grit Abrasive Media Wholesale USA

black aluminum oxide media is one of the abrasives commonly used in industrial production, and it is also one of the raw materials used in many abrasive tools. The processing scope includes optical glass and gem processing, drilling and mining, construction and building materials. Before the widespread use of brown corundum, silicon carbide was often used to process optical glass, which had low efficiency and poor working conditions.

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Now all white fused alumina abrasive tools have been processed, including blanking, nesting, cutting, milling, edging, and fine grinding of convex and concave curved surfaces. With the reduction of the cost of brown alumina, in addition to optical and precision glass devices, many general glass products that were originally processed with ordinary green carborundum abrasives, such as automobile window glass, are now also processed with brown alumina.

(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media wholesale usa)In the application of processing gems, agate, jade, etc., there are similar effects. brown fused alumina price are indispensable tools. For brown corundum particles, the usual requirement is a CaO content of <0.1%. In less demanding applications, the allowable value of CaO content can be <0.25%, or even ≤0.3%. Comprehensive brown fused aluminium oxide production efficiency has been improved several times to dozens of times. 

Brown Gang also widely uses white aluminum oxide drills for drilling and mining in petroleum, coal, metallurgy, and address exploration. Due to its high hardness, durability, and low price, it can not only drill the hardest rock formations, but also has a small number of starts Fast forward speed, small inclination, silicon carbide companies small diameter drilling can reduce labor intensity, save steel, and the total cost is lower than using carbide drill.

(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media wholesale usa)With the increasing application scope of white alumina, brown corundum is also used in the construction and building materials industry. In the cutting and grinding of marble, granite, artificial cast stone, and concrete building materials, brown corundum grinding wheels and cutting blades are widely used. Etc. In addition, there are aluminum oxide abrasive grinding rollers and edging wheels for plate surface grinding and edging.

In the whole process of stone mining, sawing, polishing and on-site construction, the efficiency of stone processing has doubled with the application of these new white corundum tools. China's brown corundum abrasives are generally produced in the south and north, and the south is mainly Guangdong. However, due to the high electricity prices in the south, the main producing areas are now concentrated in Henan and Guizhou, especially in Henan.

(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media wholesale usa)Bauxite resources are particularly abundant in Henan. By virtue of the origin of raw pink corundum materials, Wenxian Hongda Water Purification Material Factory has unique advantages in the production of abrasive products such as brown corundum and white corundum. Henan's aluminum oxide grit is mainly produced in Dengfeng, Gongyi, Sanmenxia and other places. The annual bauxite output in Henan alone reaches 6 million tons.

Such a huge bauxite resource has driven the development of a series of silicon carbide price peripheral industries. Take brown corundum manufacturers as an example, there are no less than hundreds of large and small brown corundum factories. The maximum allowable CaO content in brown corundum depends on the application. In the application of high-quality abrasives and advanced refractory materials, the upper limit of CaO content in white fused alumina price blocks is ≤0.15%.(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media wholesale usa)

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