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Black Aluminum Oxide Abrasive 70 Grit Manufacturers

The performance of brown fused aluminum oxide may be understood by many people. As for the performance of black synthetic corundum, some friends also understand it. Some friends are sure to wonder why the performance of white corundum and black corundum should be compared, because this can be more clearly understood. The difference and role of the person. Today Xiaobian summed up the performance of these two corundums, and compared the performance of white corundum and aluminum oxide grit.

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High impact resistance, high purity and no impurities. The performance of white aluminum oxide is summarized in the most straightforward and simple language, which is high hardness, good flexibility, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good stability. Suitable for different steel grinding and various abrasive processing. White corundum can be divided into two densities, 1. bulk density, 2. vacuum density. The addition of white corundum can produce advanced refractory materials.

After careful smelting, the pink corundum has good quality, small particle size, high density, moderate hardness, good flexibility and high purity. Suitable for surface polishing of roads, runways, special constructions and abrasives, steel, wood and glass. The production of sandpaper is also commonly used. The use of white corundum is very extensive, because black silicon carbide has good performance characteristics: high hardness and corrosion resistance.

At present, these scopes of use have been recognized by users. White corundum and brown corundum are the most popular in artificial corundum. White corundum is used at higher temperatures and has the advantage of good thermal stability. After being crushed, the appearance is spherical particles with high purity and uniform shape. The white fused alumina of different sizes of particles are mixed together, and the bulk density is also different. 

The scope of use of white fused alumina: can be used for refractory materials, sand blasting, grinding wheel production, grinding body, surface coating of abrasive tools, fillers, aggregates, and filtration of water quality. The scope of the above can not be more fully described, because more scope of use is still found and experimental. Therefore, the aluminum oxide abrasive particles are large and small. There are two ways to calculate the density of white corundum.

First, the bulk density of white corundum. Second, the particle density of white corundum. White corundum is divided into two densities. The calculation method of the bulk density of white corundum is 1.65~1.85g/cm3. The reason for the density calculation method: the particle size, shape, variety and accumulation mode of the green silicon carbide are directly related. Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the particles is different, and the density of the accumulation increases.

white aluminium oxide is not only widely used, but also very popular. The calculation method of particle density: 3.85~4.15g/cm3. The reason for the density calculation method: after the production of white corundum, each particle has a small venting hole, and the density of the silicon carbide abrasive particles needs to remove the volume of the cavity, that is, the overall density of the particle removes the hole volume, and the density of the particle is known.

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