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Black Aluminum Oxide Abrasive 70 Grit Wholesale

The main process differences are as follows: In order to maximize the arc fused alumina content of the finished product and reduce the impurity content of the finished product, the raw material used to smelt high alumina corundum is purer than the raw material High, such as: must use high-quality bauxite, its alumina content is more than 83%, and smelting pink corundum using alumina dry grain more than 80% bauxite.

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High alumina corundum is manufactured using a similar smelting method to white alumina. In order to reduce the impurity content of the finished product, in addition to using high-purity raw materials, the degree of impurity reduction must be increased during the smelting process. More impurities must be reduced from the fused alumina state to simple substance, and then precipitated with the iron alloy, and from the melt. Low and large crushing ratio.(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit wholesale)

Medium separation. In order to improve the white aluminum oxide reduction degree of impurities and the good precipitation and separation, corresponding technological measures have been taken, such as: increasing the amount of reducing agent petroleum coke, increasing the refining temperature, and extending the refining time. Rhenium is like a carbon material. Anthracite can be used for smelting brown corundum, and petroleum coke must be used for smelting high-alumina corundum.

(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit wholesale)It is difficult for the electrode side to contain ash in addition to carbon. Ash is also a source of impurities in the finished brown fused alumina price. In order to reduce the impurities introduced by electrode ash, high-alumina corundum smelting uses high-quality graphite electrodes with very low ash content, while synthetic corundum smelting generally uses carbon electrodes with slightly higher ash content. Some manufacturers even use self-baking with higher ash content. electrode.

As a result, with the sedimentation and accumulation of the iron alloy particles, the white fused alumina and titanium in the alloy were oxidized again and transferred into the melt, and the iron and silicon in the alloy increased continuously. The impact crusher is based on the impact of the plate hammer fixed on the rotor to the emery abrasive material, which repeatedly breaks the material between the impact plates. It is characterized by the inertia of the entire rotor to impact the material.(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit wholesale)

Suitable for brown aluminium oxide materials with large crushing hardness and strong abrasiveness. Roller crusher is used to crush and squeeze the material when the roller rotates. The roller crusher is more used in the abrasive industry. It has simple structure, small equipment size, light weight and easy to adjust the crushing granularity The advantages of small crushed pink alumina material are small. The disadvantages are small crushing ratio, low output and low product particle size.

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