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Black Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Manufacturers Brazil

From the beginning of the mining and acquisition of aluminum oxide grit raw materials to the end of the effective use of products after use, the efficiency of resource use is the key to improving the competitiveness of the refractory industry. In every metallurgical equipment, every reaction tank, transport container or high temperature kiln, a wide range of black alumina refractory products, unshaped refractory materials or high temperature insulation fibers are used.

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The long-term slump in the brown fused alumina refractory industry has led companies to strengthen their various improvements in order to ensure competitiveness. Primary energy is mainly used for drying and firing in the production of refractory materials, and its consumption accounts for the largest part of the silicon carbide abrasive cost. In modern technology, the heat emitted from the cooling section of the kiln can be reused when drying the product.(black aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers brazil)

Any equipment should have a modern insulation layer. This brown fused aluminum oxide insulation layer can reduce the weight of the lining under high temperature conditions, thereby improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. The waste generated directly by the corundum white refractory industry has been significantly reduced. The disposal of post-used waste bricks in the world can actually reach 100%. These waste bricks are crushed and reused. Purified waste is recycled as much as possible.

(black aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers brazil)The role of brown aluminum oxide refractory materials in the effective utilization of domestic garbage has also been significantly improved. For many European countries, the use of industrial waste as fuel will become more and more important. In the future, the proportion of waste used in secondary fuels will be higher. However, the combustion of these waste fuels will release a large amount of chlorides and sulfur, green silicon carbide which will increase the erosion of the kiln lining.

Therefore, many white aluminium oxide refractory materials manufacturing enterprises for waste incinerators use corundum and silicon carbide refractory materials with strong alkali resistance to improve the service life of the lining. Due to high quality and long service life, the use of modern aluminium oxide abrasive grit refractory materials will become an effective solution for reducing energy consumption in many application industries. Install heat exchangers in the exhaust and hot air ducts to collect waste heat.

(black aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers brazil)The main advantage of waste treatment is to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions. brown aluminium oxide can be used as an abrasive, and the effect is relatively satisfactory, but users have encountered problems in the storage of brown corundum abrasive. Because generally the amount of black silicon carbide purchased each time is relatively large, it can only be placed outdoors in the open air, but this will affect the quality and performance of the product?

Xiaobian mainly focuses on summer, but even if the weather is dry in summer, placing pink aluminum oxide abrasive directly in the open air has a certain impact. Because brown corundum itself has capillary gaps during production, it has a certain amount of Hydrophilic, so brown corundum is also susceptible to moisture in the summer when the weather changes. Increasing energy efficiency will first reduce the demand for energy, especially in the aluminum oxide abrasive refractory industry.(black aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers brazil)

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