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Some data show that the green carborundum dumping furnace consumes a lot of electric energy in the production process, which is a real "electric tiger". In terms of how to reduce the power consumption, the following three aspects are mainly improved: China's brown fused aluminum oxide production was initially carried out with fixed furnaces, and the production process of dumping furnace appeared in the 1970s.

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At present, the bauxite ore with Al2O3 content of 85% in China is in short supply, or exhausted. Bauxite is the main raw material for the production of silicon carbide companies, but it is also the main raw material for aluminum industry, refractory industry and petroleum industry. With the continuous acceleration of the national industrialization process and the rapid development of white aluminium oxide industry, refractory industry and petroleum industry, high-grade bauxite has been hard to find.

The requirements of silicon carbide abrasive production for bauxite are different from those of aluminum industry and refractory industry. The latter requires a lower grade bauxite. At present, the ratio of fixed furnace and dumping furnace is about 3:4. Its production process is basically similar. It is made of bauxite as the main raw material and other auxiliary fused aluminium oxide materials through high-temperature melting in the submerged arc furnace and a series of physical and chemical reactions.

Its energy consumption cost accounts for 2 / 5 ~ 1 / 2 of the production cost. Therefore, the quality of bauxite determines the level of energy consumption. Before the 1980s, the alumina content of bauxite used in the production of brown corundum was about 80%, and the alumina silica ratio was 20:1. After continuous practice, the unit power consumption of the fixed furnace is about 2600 kwh, and that of the pink corundum dumping furnace is about 2500 kwh.

When the content of SiO2 in bauxite increases by 2%, the unit power consumption can increase by 8% ~ 16%. Therefore, at present, the unit power consumption of each brown fused alumina production enterprise is still high. The unit power consumption of the fixed furnace is about 2800kwh, the unit power consumption of the dumping furnace is about 2700kwh, some even higher, which makes the production cost run at a high level for a long time.

The brown aluminum oxide production cost pressure of the enterprise is very large, and at the same time, it brings huge difficulties to energy conservation and emission reduction. The SiO2 content in bauxite has a significant impact on the unit power consumption. Through continuous reform and innovation, in order to reduce the short white alumina powder network resistance, at present, the majority of bauxite ore with the Al2O3 content of 70% ~ 75% is used to produce brown alumina.

It is a product with high energy consumption. At present, the content of Al2O3 and SiO2 in bauxite is mostly between 70% and 80% and 5% and 15% respectively.When such bauxite ore is used to smelt white corundum, the unit power consumption is more than 3000 kwh. According to the current electricity price, the energy consumption cost accounts for more than 2 / 5 of the production cost On the one hand, the fused alumina production enterprises are basically unprofitable.

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