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Black Aluminum Oxide Media Suppliers In China

The decades of development of the black corundum industry have involved fields such as chemical industry, metallurgical processing, metal cutting, and metal polishing. Because of its hardness second only to diamond and its price far below that of diamond, it has been well known and applied.

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The existing consumer market is still some traditional green carborundum consumer industries, such as metal polishing and grinding, metallurgical processing and other industries. Recently, the first step in the exploration of the sustainable development of black corundum has been taken. Focusing on breaking through the traditional market, researching new black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit applied materials is the only way The key to sustainable development.(black aluminum oxide media suppliers in china)

After research by researchers, it is found that rubber plates are generally used on the decks of silicon carbide price everyday bridges, and rubber plates are neither wear-resistant nor non-slip. After replacing the rubber plate with black corundum wear-resistant material, the quality of the bridge deck is greatly improved. Pedestrians are not only skid-proof, but also wear-resistant, black alumina which greatly extends the maintenance and replacement cycle of the bridge deck.

(black aluminum oxide media suppliers in china)Our factory believes that the traditional consumer market of pink aluminum oxide alone cannot make great progress. At present, the design of bridge decks based on black corundum is gradually being promoted. Industrial production of black corundum has a history of nearly 60 years. The application in the steel industry almost covers the entire process of ironmaking and steelmaking. Plate corundum white will be used more widely as the top aggregate material in alumina aggregate. 

It is believed that white aluminium oxide abrasives will have wider application prospects. If black corundum is not explored for sustainable development, most black corundum companies will end up. In the application of refractory raw materials, the largest competing raw material of plate corundum is white corundum. The reduction of the use of aluminium oxide sandblasting will greatly increase the use of plate corundum.(black aluminum oxide media suppliers in china)

The price of black corundum also has a history of 60 years. brown fused aluminum oxide has good chemical stability, strong high temperature oxidation resistance and high hardness. Materials, wear-resistant materials, etc. Because the customer pays the refractory fee according to the ton of steel structure, the refractory is not consumed as much as possible, but the less the aluminum oxide grit consumption, the higher the profit of the enterprise.

(black aluminum oxide media suppliers in china)In order to reduce the consumption of brown aluminum oxide refractory materials and increase the profit of refractory materials, refractory manufacturers are required to improve product quality and actively develop high-life and durable refractory materials. Due to the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction, the rise in electricity prices will inevitably lead to the rise in the price of aluminum oxide abrasive.

 According to information, At present, the consumption market of brown fused alumina is close to saturation. Plate-shaped corundum can be used as the main component in aluminum-carbon, aluminum-magnesium-carbon, magnesium-aluminum-carbon, magnesium spinel, aluminum-chromium refractory bricks, and silicon carbide companies it can also be introduced into high-aluminum alloys as a rich alumina component Shaped refractories can be widely used in steel, casting, ceramics and other industries.(black aluminum oxide media suppliers in china)

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