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Black Silicon Carbide Abrasive Manufacturers China

The diameter of the drill is not less than 10 rm(white alumina). The number of drilling holes is as follows: three holes are drilled according to iron block, one hole is drilled in the center, and one hole is drilled from the center to 1 / 2 of both ends. When perchloric acid smoke is emitted from the well by dissolving the sample with polytetrafluoroethylene beaker(steel grid), the temperature should not exceed 250 ℃.

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When the carbon pig iron can not be drilled with tool steel drill bit(black corundum), the carbide bit with tungsten carbide blade can be used to drill or silicon carbide grinding wheel can be used to cut the lens from the middle of the sample line. All solutions are wood solutions except those specified(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). The number of digits after the decimal point of the analysis results should be equal to the number of decimal points in the analysis method.(black silicon carbide abrasive manufacturers china)

When the standard sample is used for calibration, the deviation shall not exceed 1 / 2 of the allowable deviation(white fused alumina). The atomic weight is based on the latest international atomic weight scale, and the molecular weight is rounded to the second decimal place according to the rules of rounding off numbers(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The particle size of the sample is determined according to the determination method and the determined composition.

(black silicon carbide abrasive manufacturers china)The conversion factors in the calculation formula of gravimetric method(pink corundum), the concentration or titration degree of standard solution of guest method are all in four digits. Remove the mixed iron particles with a strong magnet, and finally pass through a 0.160mm (L20 mesh) sieve at the distal part(white alumina powder). If the solid reagent contains crystal water, the molecular formula should be written in brackets after the reagent name.

The scope of this analysis method refers to a series of sample treatment and analysis process from the laboratory receiving samples to the completion of analysis(white aluminum oxide), and the method for taking large samples is not included. After the surface of the sample is carefully visualized, drill holes perpendicular to the bottom surface(corundum abrasive). For example: 5% sodium chloride solution, refers to 100ml, the solution contains 5g sodium chloride.(black silicon carbide abrasive manufacturers china)

The samples were dried at 105 ~ 110 ℃ for 1 h, put into a small wide mouth glass bottle and stored in a desiccator(aluminum oxide grit). Unless otherwise specified, the sensitivity of analytical balance should reach 0.1mg, and the weight should be calibrated regularly. Unless otherwise specified, all reagents used are analytical pure reagents(garnet suppliers). Water for preparation of reagents and analysis, unless otherwise specified, is steam water or deionized water.

(black silicon carbide abrasive manufacturers china)The upper analytical sample is roughly divided by four reduction method, passing 0.300 ~ 0.150 mm (60 ~ 201) energy(white corundum). When two or more samples are analyzed in parallel, if the range value of the analysis data does not exceed the allowable deviation, it is valid, and the average value is obtained(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The concentrations of nonstandard solutions prepared by solid reagents are expressed in grams of reagents contained in 100ml solution.

K hot water or hot solution refers to the temperature of 70 ~ 80 ℃(brown fused alumina price), warm water or warm solution refers to the temperature of 40 ~ 50 ℃, cold water or cold solution is room temperature. When drilling, the drilling speed and bit rotation speed are generally controlled below 200R / min. after the samples are mixed evenly, the samples are collected in a tight container(garnet abrasive). Except for special requirements, dry samples shall be used for analysis.(black silicon carbide abrasive manufacturers china)

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