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Black Silicon Carbide Abrasive Wholesale Suppliers UK

The determination of oleic acid content can usually be expressed by measuring its iodine value(brown fused alumina price). It is less than 10%, but the smaller the molecular weight of polyethylene is, the higher the solubility in wax material is. Therefore, low molecular weight polyethylene and EVA with molecular weight of 2000-5000 are easier to dissolve than low-density polyethylene(aluminum oxide 16 grit), and the molecular structure of polyethylene is similar to that of paraffin.

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Adding wax based mold material can play a key role in crystallization, refine the crystal of paraffin and improve the mechanical properties of the mold(white alumina). Refined lignite wax is a fine needle or flake crystal with light yellow appearance, with less impurities, less than 0.2% ash content, it is easy to saponification and deterioration, high melting point (more than 80 ℃). However, it has many disadvantages(aluminum oxide 320 grit), such as low thermal stability and easy deformation.(black silicon carbide abrasive wholesale suppliers uk)

Stearic acid is a weak acid, which is not obvious in solid state, and has obvious acid characteristics in liquid state, and the acidity increases with the increase of temperature(black corundum); In the process of investment casting, stearic acid is easy to react with active metals, alkaline substances and basic oxides to saponification, and form corresponding saponification substances, which will cause the mold material to deteriorate(high purity alumina price), Good thermal stability (softening point greater than 45 ℃).

(black silicon carbide abrasive wholesale suppliers uk)Especially in the production process, so this kind of mold material must be reused after the treatment process, and the residual acid in the recycling treatment is easy to pollute the environment(pink corundum). The purity grade of stearic acid varies with the pressure applied in preparation and distillation, which can be divided into one pressure, two pressure and three pressure(aluminum oxide 24 grit). The first grade (three pressure) stearic acid has the lowest oleic acid content (≤ 2%).

Although paraffin stearic acid model material has the advantages of convenient preparation(black silicon carbide powder), easy model preparation and dewaxing, refined lignite wax, also known as bleached white wax, is a light colored wax obtained from crude lignite wax after refining and removing resin and asphalt(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit). The molecule of stearic acid is a polar group molecule, so it has good wettability to the binder for investment casting and can improve the coating property of the die.(black silicon carbide abrasive wholesale suppliers uk)

The harmful impurity in stearic acid is oleic acid, with the highest content up to 16%(carborundum grit suppliers). Since oleic acid is an unsaturated acid with a melting point of 14 ℃, the melting point, softening point and hardness of stearic acid will be reduced; In domestic refined Kemei wax, acid type wax (s wax) and ester type wax (e wax) are commonly used to produce polycrystalline aggregates with folded chain lamellar structure(aluminium oxide powder), such as monomers, dendrites and spherulites.

(black silicon carbide abrasive wholesale suppliers uk)When the polymer is cooled and crystallized from concentrated solution or melt under normal conditions, the spherulite structure tends to be formed(green silicon carbide powder). The diameter of the spherulite can reach tens or hundreds of microns. Its basic structural unit is still the lamellar crystal with folded chain structure(aluminum oxide 20 grit). It may twist in a certain way and grow from a center to all directions to form a spherical polycrystalline aggregate and form spherulite, and high hardness.

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