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Refractory is the basic material for high temperature technology, which is closely related to various industrial kilns(low sodium white fused alumina). Due to different purposes and conditions of use, which are the basic materials of the kilns, are different(white aluminium oxide super fine). Different kinds of refractories also show different basic characteristics due to the differences of chemical mineral composition, microstructure and production process.

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Therefore, it is necessary to describe the basic properties of refractories and the general characteristics of various refractories in the process of understanding and studying the refractories used in Shangye kiln(white alumina). Under high temperature, the volume is stable, and the kiln masonry or castable will not crack due to excessive expansion of the products, or crack due to excessive shrinkage, reducing the service life(steel shot abrasive).

Generally speaking, refractories are inorganic non-metallic materials with a fire resistance of not less than 1580 ℃(black corundum). The stability of refractories to resist the action of high temperature when there is no load, that is, the performance of non melting and softening under the condition of high temperature and no load is called refractoriness, which represents the basic performance of refractories(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit).

Because the refractory soil is used as the structural material of heat 1 equipment such as high-temperature kiln and the high-temperature container and parts for industrial use(pink corundum), the requirements of refractories, it can bear all kinds of physical and chemical changes and mechanical effects in it(garnet abrasive price). The main component is usually a kind of refractory oxide with high melting point or a composite mineral or non oxide.

Therefore, it must have the following basic requirements: in order to meet the requirements of high temperature operation(brown fused alumina), it should have the performance of not softening and melting at a sufficiently high temperature; it can bear the load of the kiln and the stress in the operation process, soften deformation and collapse at high temperature(glass bead abrasive), which is usually expressed by the load softening temperature.

It is usually measured by linear expansion coefficient and reheating shrinkage (or expansion); and it will not lose the structural strength(brown aluminum oxide), refractories are greatly affected by the operating conditions of the furnace, and the furnace body is easy to be damaged due to the sharp change of temperature and uneven heating(green silicon carbide). Therefore, during the use of refractories, it is required to have enough strength and wear resistance. 

It is the main body of refractory products and directly determines the basic conditions of the performance of refractory products(brown aluminium oxide); Therefore, it is required to have a certain degree of thermal shock resistance; they are often affected by the chemical action of liquid, gaseous or solid substances, which makes the products eroded and damaged(glass beads manufacturers). Therefore, the products are required to have a certain resistance to erosion.

In the process of using, refractories are often eroded by high-temperature and high-speed flow of flame and smoke, erosion of liquid metal and slag, and impact abrasion of metal and other materials(brown fused alumina price). The quality of refractories depends on their properties, which is the standard to evaluate the quality of products(silicon carbide abrasive). The correct and reasonable selection of refractories is also based on their properties.

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