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Black Silicon Carbide Manufacturers South Korea

Adding al to MgO-C brick at the same time can significantly improve the oxidation resistance of products(black corundum). Using high-purity graphite raw materials can not only improve the quality of magnesia carbon brick, but also reduce the cost of brick making, it is still considered as the best binder for producing high-grade magnesia carbon brick, reduces the service life of MgO-C brick(black silicon carbide manufacturers). 

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Under the same technological conditions(pink corundum), the performance of brick made of high-grade graphite and low-grade magnesia raw materials is better than that of brick made of high-grade magnesia raw materials and low-grade graphite raw materials. Binder is the core problem in the production of magnesia carbon brick(120 grit aluminum oxide). The quality of binder affects the production and quality of products to a great extent.

There are many kinds of binders for magnesia carbon brick, such as coal tar(silicon carbide abrasive), coal tar pitch and petroleum pitch, as well as special carbonaceous resin, polyol, synthetic resin, etc. due to the high carbon residue rate of phenolic resin, it has good affinity with magnesia and graphite(silicon carbide 180 grit), it is easy to combine magnesia and graphite, and it is easy to clamp open in magnesia and graphite at room temperature, so it Up to now.

The excellent performance of MgO-C brick depends on the role of carbon in the brick(white fused alumina). In the process of use, carbon is often oxidized, which makes the product structure deteriorate. Slag invades into the brick along the gap, corrodes MgO particles. How to prevent the oxidation of carbon in MgO-C brick is one of the key issues to improve the service life of MgO-C brick(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). Common additives include Ca, Al, Si, Mg, BN, etc.

Adding CA to the product will cause the following reactions: in addition, due to the good covering performance of slag(white aluminum oxide), Mg vapor will leak out less, and it is easy to combine with oxygen behind the slag layer to form a secondary dense layer of magnesite, preventing the slag from being immersed(100 grit aluminum oxide). MgO-C brick added with CA is used at the nozzle of converter, tap hole and slag line of secondary refining ladle.

When the temperature is lower than 1300 ℃(white corundum), the oxidation resistance of samples increases with the decrease of Si / Al ratio, i.e. the increase of Al content; when the temperature is higher than 1300 ℃ to 1500 ℃, the oxidation resistance of samples increases with the increase of Si / Al ratio, i.e. the increase of Si content(green silicon carbide); when the temperature is 1500C, the ratio of Si / A1 = 1 has the best effect.

MgO is added to MGC brick to form secondary periclase(white alumina). This mechanism is believed that when the heating atmosphere of brick is different, MgO may be directly converted into MGG or MgO, and MgO may be reduced by carbon to form magnesium vapor, which will spread to the working face(brown aluminum oxide factory). In any case, because the working face contacts with molten liquid to supply oxygen, MgO vapor will form secondary periclase layer.

The residual expansion of MgO-C brick added with CA is low, which improves the volume stability of the productV(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). BN is added to MGC brick, and the residual amount of alc3 in brick is more It is due to the addition of BN that a small amount of low melting matter is formed on one side of the working face, pitch modified phenolic resin, which restrains the external invasion of oxides(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers).

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