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In the ultra-fine crushing process, a fine classification device is also required to timely classify qualified silicon carbide abrasive fine powder materials, improve the efficiency of the crushing operation, and control the particle size distribution of the product. Hydraulic classification is generally used, white aluminum oxide and sedimentation method, clear flow method, cyclone method and centrifugation method are commonly used.

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At present, there are two types of aluminum oxide abrasive media classification equipment commonly used: one is a dry classification, generally a centrifugal or turbine wind classifier; the other is a wet classification, generally using a horizontal spiral centrifugal classifier, small diameter and small Cone-angle hydrocyclone, and hydrocyclone. The A12O3 raw material added with the composite additive was calcined at 1350 ~ 1450 ° C, green silicon carbide and the y-Al2O3 phase was transformed into a-Al2O3.

The first step of the wet classification is wet grinding, brown fused alumina price and the milled slurry is sent to the second step, pickling. The slurry is heated and pickled continuously, so as to facilitate the complete removal of iron. The acid-washed slurry should be rinsed intermittently with clean water. There must be a settling process after each rinse. The aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive material settles down, the waste acid solution is pumped out, and the next cleaning is performed until the slurry is neutral.

The mechanism of the white alumina overflow method is similar to the sedimentation method, except that the velocity of the water flow is greater than the sedimentation speed of the particles. Different, so that the size of particles can be separated; centrifugation is the high speed rotation of the slurry in the centrifuge, but also different centrifugal forces generated by particles of different aluminum oxide 40 grit sizes to separate, and it is not easy to obtain fine particles smaller than 1um.

It can also be separated by audio vibration. The mixed particle group of white fused alumina fine powder is placed on the inclined surface, so that the inclined surface generates audio vibration. The friction force of different particle sizes on the inclined surface substrate is different, and different “crawls” will be generated to obtain particle classification. After classification, the obtained products with different particle sizes are dehydrated and then dried, so that the black aluminum oxide media fine powder is taken out.

In ultrafine crushing, the powder has a black corundum fine particle size, and its specific surface area and surface energy are both large. The finer the particle size, the higher the mechanical strength of the material. Therefore, the energy consumption of ultra-fine crushing is high, and the powder is easy to agglomerate under repeated mechanical forces. In order to improve the crushing efficiency, in addition to strengthening classification, alumina grit grinding aids and additives are sometimes added.

The swirl method is the high-speed rotation of the slurry in the cyclone to generate centrifugal force. The white corundum production process of the mechanical pulverization method is simpler than that of the chemical synthesis method, with large output and low cost, and the produced fine powder has no agglomeration. However, impurities are unavoidably mixed in the pulverization process, synthetic corundum price and the particle shape of the pulverized material is generally irregular.

Compound additive, namely crystal form control agent, pink corundum crystal nucleating agent. The crystals were fine and uniform, and the Na2O content was reduced (less than 0.06%). Then it was ground into a-Al2O3 fine powder with original grain size and good sintering activity. The size of the primary crystal a-Al2O3 is controlled by controlling the amount and composition of the composite additives, the calcination temperature, and the aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit grinding time.

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