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Black Silicon Carbide Powder Manufacturers Russia

In 1964, the first modernized coated abrasive production line introduced from the German Democratic Republic was completed and put into operation in Zhengzhou No. 2 Grinding Wheel Factory(white fused alumina). This is China's first mechanized production line for hanging and drying(silicon carbide abrasive). The ground is adopted by China's water-sandpaper production plant, which has promoted the further development of China's coated abrasive industry.

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In the crushing method, if the roller method is adopted, there are more flake-like and sword-like shapes generated by the ball milling method, and the surface of the abrasive particles is rough and the edges and corners are obvious(white aluminum oxide). The manufacturing method of hollow ball abrasives is as follows(aluminum oxide grit). There are many materials that can be used as the base of the coated abrasive, but they must all have common properties.

First, the 40% epoxy resin solution (with the curing agent added) is mixed with the hollow balls(white corundum), and then the hollow balls with the adhesive and the corundum abrasive (such as 400, the average diameter is 35 microns), so that the abrasive particles stick to the hollow sphere shell, the weight ratio between the hollow sphere(green silicon carbide), the binder and the abrasive is 1: 10: 100, and then it is dried and sieved to form an average diameter of 0.425mm .

There are several kinds of bases for rhenium-coated abrasives, each with different properties and different application ranges(brown fused alumina price). Before the substrate is glued and planted with sand, it must be strictly treated with the substrate. The substrate is not handled well and it will not produce high-quality coated abrasives(synthetic corundum). The substrate is the carrier of the abrasive and the binder, and is the dominant factor that makes the coated abrasive flexible.

Carcass is one of the three major components of coated abrasives(white alumina). The matrix has a strong bonding ability to the adhesive; this is the minimum requirement for being a matrix, otherwise the significance of the matrix as a "carrier" is lost. Whether the bond is strong depends of course on whether the adhesive is properly selected, but good matrix properties are also very important(aluminum oxide abrasive). For fabrics, it is closely related to fiber type, fabric structure, density, etc.

The substrate must have some flexibility: The flexibility of the substrate is the basis for the flexibility of the coated abrasive(black corundum). If the substrate itself does not have flexibility, the flexibility of the coated abrasive is unthinkable. Although the use requirements are different due to different substrates, the degree of this flexibility is very different(silicon carbide 180 grit). Even though the coated abrasives made of stainless steel belts have appeared abroad, its flexibility is still necessary.

The substrate must have a certain strength and small elongation; the strength of the substrate is closely related to the strength of the coated abrasive(pink corundum). Without a certain strength, the use of the coated abrasive will be seriously affected, especially for mechanical grinding. The strength of the abrasive belt, abrasive disc, etc. is more important(emery abrasive). Only with high strength can it withstand various forces such as tensile load, alternating load, grinding load and expansion load.

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