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Although the methods for destroying the titanium blocking layer by lime are different, they are all related to the adsorption process and the chemical reaction process(silicon carbide abrasive). The characteristics of active lime are that the grains are small and the specific surface area is large. Both processes are advantageous(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The analysis of red mud obtained by adding lime with different activities can help to understand the action mechanism of active lime.

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Both oxidants and reducing agents can affect the decomposition of sulfides(brown fused alumina). Therefore, it can be considered that when lime grinding slurry is added and the slurry is dissolved under high pressure, CaO first becomes Ca (OH) 2 and then reacts with other substances(pink corundum). After Ca (OH) 2 is formed, the reaction will be discharged with red mud before the time is reached, resulting in an increase in the amount of CaH2 in red mud.

he pulp storage time is long, and the influence of lime activity is reduced(brown aluminum oxide). When the amount of lime exceeds a certain limit, due to the formation of different hydrated garnets containing silicon, the chemical loss of alumina increases(green silicon carbide). The conversion rate of sulfur from bauxite to solution is related to the properties of sulfur-containing minerals, and increases with the increase of temperature, the extension of dissolution time and the increase of NaOH concentration in solution.

This is due to the insufficient time for lime to become Ca (OH) 2(brown aluminium oxide). Long dissolution time, high lye concentration, high temperature, and little effect on lime activity. On the one hand, it is favorable for the alumina to dissolve under these conditions; on the other hand, these conditions are good for the less active lime to become Ca(aluminum oxide abrasive). Adding an appropriate amount of (OH) 2 can obviously change the dissolution performance of bauxite and obtain the best dissolution rate.

The main sulfur-containing mineral in bauxite is pyrite and its isomer, white iron(brown fused alumina price). Ore and colloidal pyrite may also be present in small amounts. China's Shandong and Guangxi bauxite deposits have high sulfur content(aluminum oxide grit). During the dissolution process of the Bayer process, sulfur-containing minerals were completely or partially decomposed by the lye, the dissolution temperature and time, causing the aluminate solution to be contaminated by sulfur.

When CaO with low activity is used, Ca becomes CaH2 for a long time(white alumina). Since the amount of calcium titanate produced is reduced, the alumina dissolution rate is reduced(synthetic corundum). TThe extent to which sulfur is transferred to the solution in bauxite is related to many factors: the mineral form of the sulfide and sulfate, the alkali concentration of the solution used for the dissolution, the content of other impurities (including sulfur) in the bauxite ,and many more. 

For example, prior to high-pressure dissolution, the oxidation of bauxite pulp with air can reduce the conversion of sulfur to solution(black corundum); oxidants such as K2Cr2O7, NaNO3, KMnO4, MnO2 and CaCl2 can all The sulfur in the solution is oxidized to the highest oxidized form-sulfate(emery abrasive). However, adding them to bauxite or pulp will increase the decomposition rate of pyrite during the dissolution process, and make 70% to 80% of sulfur into the solution.

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