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Black Silicon Carbide Powder Suppliers South Korea

At the beginning of the US top-blown oxygen converter, magnesium brick, magnesia-chrome brick and dolomite brick were used(white fused alumina). Later, magnesium chrome bricks were basically not used, and magnesium bricks were mainly used(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). Combining with lightly burned asphalt or asphalt leaching with less than 1% impurity content, and the slag resistance gradually increases. 

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Recently, the United States has also adopted asphalt-impregnated periclase bricks and magnesia-carbon bricks as furnace linings, which has significantly improved the furnace life(white aluminum oxide). The Russian oxygen converter mainly uses angle tar dolomite bricks, and some factories use magnesium bricks(green silicon carbide). If the total content of impurities is reduced from 8% to less than 2%, the life of the furnace can be increased by 20% to 40%.

Dolomite resources in Western European countries are very rich and cheap, so dolomite furnace lining bricks are commonly used in oxygen converters(white corundum). To its life less than magnesia brick. To this end, countries generally limit the content of dolomite impurities to less than 3%, and add magnesia to improve language resistance(aluminum oxide grit). Recently, the scope of use of magnesium bricks or magnesium dolomite bricks is constantly expanding.

At the same time, Germany uses more diffuse alkaline bricks: while in the UK oxygen converters(brown fused alumina price), refractory materials, magnesium bricks account for 20%, and dolomite bricks account for 80%. Recently, refractory materials for oxygen converters in many countries are characterized by a low impurity content in order to promote the direct bonding between MgO and Ca particles and improve high temperature performance(synthetic corundum).

When the Mg content is 60% ~ 80%, the life of the furnace lining is the highest(white alumina). Therefore, the total impurity content of oxygen converter bricks in some countries is limited to less than 1.5%. In high temperature smelting or normal operation, the furnace lining life has an optimal value, as shown in Figure 12-16(silicon carbide abrasive). For magnesite bricks, as the Mg content increases, the high temperature strength rises almost linearly.

Stabbed. Under the conditions of converter smelting(black corundum), the presence of Ca in the brick can not only increase the viscosity of the slag and reduce the erosion of the brick, but also convert the silicate invading the decarburized layer into a high melting point material, so that the furnace lining does not melt(emery abrasive). French oxygen converter linings use tar dolomite bricks, magnesium dolomite bricks and tar magnesium Brickwork.

CaO can also inhibit or reduce the damage of FeO to the structure of the forsterite, and it can also inhibit the volatilization of Mg with decarburization(pink corundum). With the increase of the bulk density of the converter lining bricks, the erosion ability of molten steel and slag will be significantly reduced(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). With the increase of MgO content in bricks, the furnace life is gradually increased during ultra-high temperature smelting operations.

As the Mg content in the slag increases, the erosion rate decreases(aluminum oxide abrasive). In other words, if the dense Mg layer is formed and stored well, it will be able to improve its ability to resist chemical attack and reduce the degree of damage to the furnace lining(brown aluminium oxide grit). For this reason, in the oxygen converter steelmaking process, lightly burned white public slag is often used to increase the MgO content in the slag and protect the furnace lining.

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