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Black Synthetic Corundum Manufacturers In Japan

What is a black aluminium oxide grinding tool? Any tool that plays the role of grinding, grinding and polishing in the processing process is called a grinding tool. Abrasives came into being with the use of tools by human beings. In the Neolithic age, stone axes and needles that had been polished were used.

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In the Qin and Han Dynasties, bronze mirrors were polished with natural abrasives and white fused alumina. According to some data, it was more than 100 years ago that foreign countries made artificial abrasive tools: in 1760, there was a workshop in France that used natural abrasive materials to make sandpaper. In 1825, shellac was used as the bond to make grinding tools in India; in 1846, the first fused alumina grinding wheel used in cylindrical grinder in the United States was made of natural ore.(black synthetic corundum manufacturers in japan)

in 1857, Belgium used natural rubber as the bond to make white aluminum oxide grinding wheel; in 1877, the United States used clay as the bond to make ceramic grinding wheel; in 1880, the United States used resin as the bond to make resin grinding wheel; however, in 1891 Before, people used natural abrasives as the main raw materials to make synthetic corundum. In 1891, there was a great change in the manufacture of abrasives. The sign of this change was the appearance of artificial abrasives.

(black synthetic corundum manufacturers in japan)Carborundum Co. produced silicon carbide; Norton Co. produced white corundum in 1897; in 1900, the grinder had entered the general processing workshop, and the abrasives were widely used. In 1901, the successful smelting of brown corundum by electric arc furnace reached the level of mass production, which also marked that the garnet suppliers artificial abrasives really entered the stage of industrial production. In 1901, white corundum was produced, which made the abrasives more and more perfect.

At this time, brown fused alumina price, the inner grinder, outer grinder, roller grinder and universal tool grinder have appeared one after another. In 1920, the hydraulic transmission of grinding machine was basically mature, and thread grinding machine appeared. The grinding wheel made of ceramic bond greatly improved the accuracy of screw tools such as tap and plug gauge. In 1924, green silicon carbide was successfully developed in kaplunden company, which laid the foundation for the grinding of cemented carbide.(black synthetic corundum manufacturers in japan)

In 1925, the first gear grinder was made, and the Maag gear grinder appeared. In 1930, the white alumina production of abrasive tools began to control the structure, especially the use of ceramic abrasive tools began to choose the organization number. In the same year, the resin grinding wheel of natural diamond was also produced, and the centerless grinding machine appeared. In 1934, boron carbide (B4C) with higher hardness than steel shot abrasive was produced in the United States.

(black synthetic corundum manufacturers in japan)In 1940, the pink aluminum oxide belt grinder and ceramic diamond grinding wheel appeared. In 1946, the United States developed single crystal corundum, which improved the grinding efficiency of alloy steel containing vanadium, titanium, tungsten, aluminum and other elements. In 1948, the reinforced fiber resin pink alumina grinding wheel was produced. The resin grinding tool was widely used in deburring, weld repair and other processes.

In 1936, arc fused alumina it was made into a metal bond abrasive tool of natural diamond. From 1953 to 1954, Switzerland and the United States developed the artificial diamond respectively. In 1957, the United States first produced the artificial diamond industrially. In the same year, it also developed the cubic boron nitride. The superhard brown fused aluminium oxide entered the grinding field.(black synthetic corundum manufacturers in japan)

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