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Black Synthetic Corundum Wholesale Supplier

First of all, introduce what is black corundum, also known as low alumina corundum. It is a kind of gray black crystal with α - Al2O3 and iron ore phase, which is made by smelting bauxite in electric arc furnace. It is characterized by low Al2O3 content and a certain amount of Fe2O3 (about 10%), so it has the characteristics of moderate hard bottom, high toughness, brown fused alumina price high temperature resistance and constant hot performance temperature.

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Black corundum is mostly used for free grinding, such as the rough grinding of the grinder before electroplating, mainly used for polishing and white alumina sandblasting of stainless steel, metal products, optical glass, bamboo and wood products, and it is also a new abrasive for manufacturing resin steel grid grinding wheel, cutting pieces and gauze. From the introduction of "low aluminum" and "Fe2O3 (about 10%), we can see why the price of black corundum is low.

(black synthetic corundum wholesale supplier)Because aluminum is certainly more expensive than iron, brown fused alumina is mixed with more iron. The highest aluminum content of the first grade black corundum is 85%, that of the second grade is only 75%, and that of the third grade is 65%. The aluminum content just corresponds to the second grade, the second grade and the third grade sand of the pink corundum, and the price is in turn corresponding.

The most common artificial abrasives are white corundum and brown corundum. White corundum is made of high quality aluminum oxide powder by electrofusion. Brown corundum is made of high-quality bauxite, anthracite and tiexiao. It is melted at a high temperature of more than 2000 degrees in the arc. It is crushed and shaped by the autogenous mill. Iron is removed by magnetic separation. It is divided into many kinds of particle sizes.(black synthetic corundum wholesale supplier)

It has dense texture, brown aluminum oxide high hardness and spherical shape. It is suitable for manufacturing ceramics, resin high consolidation abrasive tools, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting, etc. it can also be used for manufacturing high-grade resistance. Fire materials. This is also a better material made according to Chinese technical means. silicon carbide abrasive powder and brown corundum powder are mostly used as grinding paste.

(black synthetic corundum wholesale supplier)Common types of grinding paste: white corundum grinding paste - mainly used for grinding iron and steel parts; black silicon carbide and boron carbide grinding paste - mainly used for grinding hard alloy, glass, ceramics and semiconductors; Chromium oxide grinding paste is mainly used for fine polishing or non-metallic grinding; diamond grinding paste is mainly used for green carborundum grinding and polishing of tungsten steel mold, optical mold, injection mold, etc.

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