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Brown Alumina Abrasive Wholesale Price USA

The former contacts with commercial temperature slag for a long time, the latter is mainly due to mechanical wear due to the strong impact of furnace charge(green silicon carbide). When the oxygen converter with bottom blowing or top bottom blowing is used for steelmaking, the lining at the bottom of the furnace is one of the weak links of the whole furnace lining due to more openings and oxygen and powder injection(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). 

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Because there are more flake graphite in the brick, it is easy to form a dense layer under the condition of oxygen converter steelmaking(silicon carbide abrasive). At the same time, the surface of MgO-C brick lining is covered by slag, and the oxidation damage is very slow in reducing atmosphere, which is mainly caused by melting corrosion(glass beads manufacturers). At this time, the damage of furnace lining brick is mainly melting corrosion, less structural peeling. 

Generally speaking, the most serious damage parts of the oxygen converter lining are slag line area and charging side(pink aluminum oxide). The temperature of the cap and the mouth of the oxygen converter varies greatly, and it is also affected by the slag splashing, and there are often molten water and metal attached(garnet abrasive price). The damage of MgO-C brick lining is mainly caused by oxidation and erosion, resulting in the contraction of brick structure and cracking.

The oxygen converter steelmaking is carried out periodically, and the lining is affected by quench and heat(brown fused alumina). That is to say, when charging, the temperature of furnace lining decreases more; when blowing, the intense stirring and metallurgical reaction of molten steel and slag make the furnace lining suffer from chemical erosion and mechanical erosion(glass bead abrasive), and the chemical reaction and permeation slow down. 

Because of the above measures(brown aluminum oxide), especially in the process of special steel smelting and continuous casting, high temperature blowing or high temperature tapping is required, the common chemical erosion and mechanical erosion are more serious, and the lining damage is faster. At the same time, when cleaning the attachment, mainly due to chemical damage(steel shot abrasive); it will be damaged by the impact and other mechanical effects.

To sum up, both chemical erosion and mechanical wear work together(brown aluminium oxide), and temperature plays a leading role from the beginning to the end, especially the change of temperature, which can make the furnace lining produce stress cracks and cause thermal spalling(fused alumina). With the increase of basicity in the slag, the viscosity increases. The rotary chassis and push rod are installed at the bottom of the furnace builder.

It is necessary to adopt advanced smelting technology, improve automation level and strengthen furnace body maintenance(white aluminium oxide). In this way, the lining erosion can be balanced and its service life can be prolonged. When MgO is more stable than Cao, the formation of melting layer is slower, and the slag penetrates deeper into the brick(black silicon carbide suppliers), and accumulates and reacts between the decarburization layer and the melting layer.

Therefore, the so-called comprehensive lining technology is to take measures from two aspects of converter brick material and size to build the furnace(black aluminum oxide). In addition, in addition to gaseous and liquid oxidation, Mg reacts with carbon to form a dense MgO layer(arc fused alumina). Therefore, the basic bricks should be selected according to the different operating conditions of the oxygen converter to build a comprehensive furnace lining.

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