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Brown Alumina Abrasive Wholesale Suppliers Germany

China's development in this area is relatively slow, and the demand for ceramic corundum abrasives also mainly depends on imports(brown aluminum oxide). In addition, the wear process of ceramic corundum abrasives is also the self-sharpening process of the abrasive particles themselves(46 grit aluminum oxide). After grinding, the surface of the traditional electric corundum abrasive particles is passivated, and it is difficult to continue to attach to the abrasive and fall off.

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The fine grains that make up the abrasive grains are constantly falling off from the abrasive grains during grinding(white alumina), and new and sharp cutting edges are continuously exposed, which can keep the abrasive grains sharp from beginning to end, so the cutting tools prepared with the new ceramic corundum abrasive are self-sharpening The performance is very good, less heat is generated during grinding(240 grit aluminum oxide), the workpiece is not easy to burn, and the service life is long.

The service life of this abrasive is relatively short(black aluminum oxide). Although the chemical composition of white corundum is similar to that of new ceramic corundum abrasives, and the hardness is almost the same, but the latter's micro-crushing characteristics and high toughness make it more widely used in difficult-to-grind processing materials such as heat-resistant alloy steel and stainless steel(green carborundum). Ceramic corundum abrasive has developed into a new research hotspot by virtue of its own advantages.

Can not only replace white corundum, but also partially replace CBN and diamond in terms of application, and its price also makes up for the gap between ordinary abrasives and super-hard abrasives(pink aluminum oxide). Because it can be applied to difficult-to-grind materials, it can also be applied to precision grinding and high-efficiency grinding, and it has now been obtained in the fields of aerospace, automotive(aluminum oxide blast media), bearings, precision instruments, etc. Extremely wide application.

The technical blockade and expensive prices abroad are very detrimental to China's economic development(brown fused alumina). At the same time, the continuous upgrading of materials also requires that we must develop More new types of grinding materials suitable for it are produced(1200 grit aluminum oxide). Grinding, like other machinery manufacturing technologies, is a dynamic and continuously developing technical field. Therefore, they are favored and welcomed by the majority of users, and their use is expanding.

Using sol-gel method, by adding different additives, changing the additive ratio and sintering process to prepare a new type of ceramic corundum abrasive(silicon carbide price), and its microstructure, mechanical properties and other research and discussion. On the one hand, it is the technical support for the development of modern science and technology, and on the other hand(silicon carbide companies), it continues to develop to a higher level under the influence of high technology.

Therefore, it is very necessary to study this subject(brown aluminium oxide). In recent years, a new type of ceramic corundum abrasive wheel has been launched in the international tool market. Its grinding performance is between cubic nitriding (CBN) and ordinary corundum grinding wheels. Its processing performance and service life are much higher than corundum(120 grit aluminum oxide). Grinding wheels are moderately priced, but they do not have high requirements for grinding machines like CBN grinding wheels.

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